A take on Saturday’s display of machismo as Rapper Cassper Nyovest knocks out in first round Priddy Ugly

BY Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

It was hyped as something to look forward to in boxing as two talkative rappers were to face each other in a boxing ring, away from the music stage where they normally do their battle in rapping.  This time around they were to face each other in the boxing ring to finish off what they could not complete on the singing stage. I know it is absurd, but it is real.

Call them bored rappers or businessmen, conveniently cashing in on their already known status  as rappers, out to make extra cash. But the truth is absurdity is everywhere in this country, and If you can make money out of it, and at the same time entertain an entertainment starved audience just out of an excruciating period of lock downs due to the global Cobvid-19 Pandemic, why not.

After all, the man who started it all, Cassper Nyovest is as much reputed on stage, maybe even less, as he is known as a chief marketer. The man will go where money is, no matter what. From selling drinks to marketing takkies. And give him a hat for that because he is damn good at it.

The results speak for themselves. Now he is involved in the side hustle of challenging fellow rappers in the ring. If you refreshed your memory, you would remember just a short while ago that the chief marketer challenged another rapper not well known for his modesty, but hugely talented when it comes to his art form of choice, Hip Hip. AKA to the ring for a fight.

After a lot of talking and hot air, the fight did not happen, leaving many fans of the two rappers frustrated. It is not for me to say who chickened out or who did not, for that is above my pay grade. Fight or no fight, the chief marketer however did not let the whole thing go away. He challenged more rappers to come on stage.

 And of course there is also that small ridiculous matter of the late inspirational speaker against Gender Based Violence, Bra Patrick Shai, who from the woods came out and challenged the chief marketer publicly. And unfortunately in the moment of excitement, Bra Pat used words that one would not associate with such a respected actor, a man fighting the scourge of Gender Based Violence.

Tragically thereafter he took his own life following a massive backlash by Black Twitter. May your soul rest in peace Bra Pat. We are not in the business of judging here about the choices people make about their own lives, but just to say, it should not have gone that way.

However the show goes on as they say in theatre, and I can bet, Saturday’s display of machismo by Cassper and his friend in the rap business Priddy Ugly, by its very character very masculine, is not the last show you will hear and witness.

Anyway, let us go back to our story of what really happened on Saturday in that ring. Celeb City 2 made an impactful return with award-winning rapper, producer and businessman Cassper Nyovest and multi-talented rapper Priddy Uglywhere they went head to head at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria on Saturday the October 1, 2022. 

The much-anticipated celebrity boxing exhibition was coupled with professional boxing bouts and a fantastic lineup of South Africa’s hottest talents and musicians and an overall weekend experience with incredible events. 

Boxing South Africa did an exceptional job of facilitating four professional boxing bouts which were mainly the Junior lightweight between Bukiwe Nonina and Cecelia Pitisani, the main supporting bout between Layten Gloss and Akani Sambo, the international mini flyweight between Simphiwe Konckoand Garen Diaganand lastly the main bout between Cowin Ray and Asemahle Wellem. Here, the professional boxers were defending various titles.

Leading up to the celebrity boxing fight, talents such as Felo Le Tee, Cooper Pabi and Kamo Mphela kept the crowd entertained. 

Casper took the win by knocking out Priddy Ugly in just two minutes of the first round. 

“Nothing but respect for Priddy Ugly, this was the easiest fight to make, everyone else made excuses but Priddy was up for it and easy to work with,” said Cassper. He later went on to add that he wishes someone Priddy’s size takes him on and he is more than happy to promote that event! 

Well, the question now is not about whether the chief marketer will be challenged by another rapper after this show of this show of the absurd, but when and who is next, for be  rest assured  this is going to happen again. Pretty soon.

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