Award winning author Cathy Donald launches new book in South Africa

By CityLife Arts Writer

Cape Town author Cathy Donald has recently launched her 5th book The First Stone in South Africa, Blue Weaver and Helco Promotions have announced. This launch follows closely on the good news about the author announced in recent years about the upward trajectory of her literary -Cathy won the prestigious Jury Prize at the Milan International Literary Awards in November 2022 for The Silence of the Shadows, and following this was invited to attend the Kingsmeand Book Festival in May 2023 in Johannesburg.

What the book is all about

Charlie, a teenager from central London, I framed at a party when drugs are planted in her backpack. To avoid sending her to juvenile detention, the magistrate allows her to be remanded into the custody of her maiden great-aunt, deemed to be more responsible than her mother.

This bitter old spinster, who teaches at the local school in a village not far from London, is regarded as a resentful schoolmarm. Life for Charlie becomes unbearable in her new surroundings, except for her friendship with Billy, the boy who is working next door.

But Charlie’s frustration and boredom are relieved by the arrival of a fugitive from justice in the form of Marta, a vulnerable, pregnant and emotionally abused wife, who hides in Sophie’s tool shed and is discovered by Charlie and Billy. When, after befriending the duo, she makes another run for it, Charlie fears for Marta’s safety and her child’s wellbeing. In a major turn of events and for a number of reasons, unknown to Charlie, Sophie reluctantly agrees to accompany Charlie on a quest to find her and persuade her to do the right thing.

What started as an extremely difficult journey for both Charlie and Sophie became in time more about the inward journey that both of them unconsciously took towards understanding each other and learning to reserve judgement.

Author Detail

Publication Detail

Title: The First Stone 

Author: Cathy Donald

ISBN:  978-1-77605-779-5

Pages: 300

Price: R 260.00

Publication Date: 28 August 2023

Distribution: Blue Weaver

Category:  Women’s Fiction

Availability: Exclusive Books and all good Bookshops, Takealot and Amazon

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