Chabadikopane Tribute Festival attracts fun lovers to the celebrations of Africa Month in style

By Edward Tsumele

Ironically in a week when African parliamentarians were at each other’s throats literally, over the issue of power, the voting in of the new President of Pan African Parliament (Pap) in Midrand, a select number of South Africans had a ball in Zuurbekom, West of Johannesburg, commemorating Africa Month (May)  in style. They did this through music, dance and other festivities that celebrated everything African, displaying the love for the continent.

The celebrations that saw a number of well known DJs, including Nicky B of Kaya FM, who over the years has increasingly become the face of African music on the continent, took place at the sprawling Molobane Estate Lodge, giving the revelers the necessary room to socially distance during these uncertain time of Covid-19, according to the organisers.

In a an ironic twist though, chaos ensued in the supposedly august house of Pan African Parliament on May 31, in Midrand, when disagreements over whether the new President of Pap should be voted in as business as usual or by a rotational way, a motion sponsored by the SADC region and other countries to break the dominance of the Presidency of Pap by the West African region.

However the hundreds of South Africans who had resolved to celebrate Africa month in style at this spacious resort that allowed social distancing as per Covid-19 protocols, according to the organisers, did not let the shenanigans in Pap distract them.

Organised by Terry Mokoena of Life@40and Beyond Social movement, which over the years has become particularly popular with those aged 40 and above, who simply love their life, the inaugural event that year, which celebrates everything African was a resounding success with fun lovers and those South Africans who love everything African attended the event in big numbers at this resort, not far from Johannesburg.

Zuurbekom is a town in the Gauteng province, that is mainly earmarked for agricultural purposes. The International Pentecostal Holiness Church headquarters church of Modise is based in this area.

“We had so much fun to the extent that next year we are planning to have a bigger event marking Africa month at the same resort.  Besides entertainment in the form of music, we are going to have a fun run to boost people’s health and fitness and a soccer match as well. We want to eventually be the Macufe of Gauteng (Mangaung Cultural Festival – a popular annual feast of arts and soccer that takes place in Bloemfontein),”revealed organizer Terry Mokoena of Life@40and Beyond, the organisers of the event.

“Africa Chabadikopane Tribute  Festival 2021 held @ Molobane Estate Lodge, Zuurbekom  was a great success. I highly appreciate everyone who managed to attend. Thanks to all the DJ’s who graced the day with 100% African music. Thanks to Nicole “NickyB” Blumenfeld from Kaya FM, Deejay PrinceSA from Jozi FM and DJ Ziduma-Mo.

We highly appreciate Molobane Estate Lodge , Cola-Cola, SESLI Blankets and Home for making Africa Chabadikopane Tribute Festival a great success.

Eight  patrons won warm blankets, DJ’s were presented with beautiful warm blankets, courtesy of SESLI Blankets and Home.

Thanks to Hazel Khumalo from CocaCola who made possible for us to  receive refreshments for our host, DJ’s, Patrons and organizers.

Last but not least, we appreciate Molobane Estate Lodge for giving away Bed and Breakfast, Full Body and Half Body massages to our lucky winners of the day.

Looking forward for a Fruitful, Bigger & Better Africa Chadikopane Tribute Festival in 2022. Thanks once again until Africa Month 2022!,” an elated Mokoena told CITYLIFE/ARTS over the weekend.

Mokoena added that next year, they are planning to invite Adrican diplomats, such as ambassadors representing the different African countries in South Africa to the event. “That also includes them invited to participate in the fun run for those aged 40 years and above. As the name Chadadikopane suggests, the organiasers hope this will bring unity to the people of Africa,” added Momkoena.

Perhaps the gentlemen and ladies of Pap should next time take a leaf from those who were at Africa Chadikopane Tribute Festival, with regards to what African unity means.

”Next year the festival will take place at the same venue, and by time, we also hope that this festival will contribute to efforts of fighting against xenophobic attitudes,” Mokoena reasoned.

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2 thoughts on “Chabadikopane Tribute Festival attracts fun lovers to the celebrations of Africa Month in style

  1. Wow this is big
    I never saw this coming this far
    Wishing Mokoena and all the participants success
    If God willing I am going to be part

    1. More we are together More Happier we are .
      Agreey Klaaste, his mission; Building The Nations should to be accomplished.
      CHABADIKOPANE Tribute Festival stands for unity and diversity in Africa. We need to appreciate our continent and the people who lives in it.
      2022 we looking forward bigger and better 2nd Second Annual CHABADIKOPANE Tribute Festival and crossing fingers Covid19 pandemic will be dead and buried by then.
      Last but not least; we are pleading to National and Gauteng Provincial government to fund this multimiĺon initiative that is aiming to create employment and boost South African economy especially in Gauteng.

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