Fashion reigns supreme at launch of Netflix film Wild is the Wind at Hyde Park Corner

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

On Wednesday October 26, 2022, the Nu Metro foyer at Hydepark Corner was blessed as it was swarmed by big names in the entertainment industry, mainly actors and film producers.  They swarmed the place in good numbers, and one could easily mistake this event to be the kind of scenario witnessed before Covid-19 struck when events of that nature attracted a big number of people, but then were affected by restrictions on gatherings since 2020.

Wednesday’s launch of the Netflix film, Wild is the Wind, shot in the Eastern Cape and featuring local talent in abundance, reminded one of the Pre-Covid-19 scenario at showbiz events. Food was sumptuous, and there was a drinks galore just before guests were ushered into the cinema. 

The guests came dressed to impress, getting the best out of their wardrobes to make sure that they are noticeable. This occasion in many ways became a platform to display the best of what guests have in their wardrobes.

CITYLIFE/ARTS in this edition is publishing pictures of Johannesburg’s people that have a fashion sense, and do not think twice about demonstrating their fashion sense in public. They attended the event in their summer colourful clothes and were not shy to flaunt them for all and sundry to see and perhaps even get inspiration fro their own fashion styling. 

The event was a really fashion parade that threatened to overshadow the reason why people were there in the first place: Watching Wild is the Wind.

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