Have tea with a single mom

This new book is about the lives of single moms by a single mom

By CityLife Arts Writer

Though societies are being reconfigured to accept the reality of single motherhood, the curious lot and the judging panels with their questioning gaze have not yet disappeared altogether.

A new book that deals with the challenges of single motherhood is now out and the author believes that this book will give a voice society has been ignoring for a while”.

Mantombi Makhubele

In a black society that shuns upon a divorced woman with children and calls her names in silence, the book “Let’s Have Some Tea” by Mantombi Makhubele is an attempt by someone who has walked the journey of being a single mother and has witnessed first-hand the judgmental attitude of society towards such mothers. They are often shunned and judged harshly by both family and society.

The book is a personal account of Makhubele’s own life story as a single mom who has gone full circle in life. She had her own fears about opening up to a world that generally lacks sympathy.

When she realised that there is no turning back and the book is already available online, she acknowledged that such an important book can leave one vulnerable. “I feel like I am about to walk naked in the streets of life,” says Makhubele. about the initial fear about writing her debut book.”

 “You are literally going to need a good cup of tea for this one. In a society that mocks a black single mother like she is, some sort of an anomaly or someone who has failed at life’s “biggest” achievement of finding and keeping a man, the book is necessary. This book is open about the pain and joy behind the challenging journey of being a single mom. You literally get to walk a mile in the life of a young single mom.

 In this book you get to meet a woman who “grew-up” while raising her two daughters. She learned to take responsibility for her choices and ultimately learned how to forgive,” warn the publishers.

The author in her closing chapter says, “I look back at how far I have come on this journey as a single mom and I smile. I have become an amazing God-fearing-yummy-woman who is a single mom, and that is my journey.”

..Makhubele is a former Lifestyle Journalist who has worked as a news reporter and as a social columnist for the Sunday Times as well as The Sunday Independent newspapers.Her media experience also includes a stint as a news producer for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

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