Kombination add Focalistic to their Night Embassy event line up

They are set to collaborate with new major New York designer KidSuper

By CityLife Arts Writer

With a a day before Night Embassy Johannesburg Ambassadors Kombonations’ Kaofela Kaofela event at kicks off at The White House in Meadowlands, Soweto this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they have made an exciting addition to their lineup: Amapiano superstar Focalistic will be performing on Saturday at 6pm. As if that were not exciting enough, New York cult streetwear label KidSuper landed in Johannesburg on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, to create a T-shirt range with Kombonation, made up of Soweto photographer/design duo Kananelo Kabelo Sello and Kgotso Selomah.  KidSuper currently wants to display this collaboration – and potentially an expanded one – in New York at his exhibition. 

For Kombonation this is a dream come true as a lot of their work has been inspired by KidSuper. At 30 years old, KidSuper has become a cultural phenomenon – designer, artist, athlete, producer and trendsetter. In a few short years he has taken over fashion, designing for Sean Mendes, Russ,  Lil Nas X, Ed Sheeran, J Balvin, Puma, Steve Aoiki and more. The only thing more impressive than this years LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize winner,  his ability to predict the next trend is his unconventional approach to art and design, the dedication to his friends and fan base and his overarching affinity for Jägermeister.  Jägermeister has been incorporated into all of his events and celebratory moments over the past number of years, including his first ever Art Show, his Birthday / Halloween Party with ASAP Rocky and Paris Fashion Week

Market Photography Workshop graduates Kananelo Kabelo Sello and Kgotso Selomah founded Kombonation in 2018. They are a Soweto-based pre-to-post production start-up, specialising in real and raw visual storytelling. Kananelo and Kgotso also create clothing that showcases their photographic skills and expresses the narratives existing within and beyond their imagery. Their attire, events and performances are by the kasi, for the kasi – and beyond.

Says Kgotso “We honestly took a long shot proposing to the Night Embassy Johannesburg team to get KidSuper on-board Kaofela Kaofela so that we can really explore Kasi and local brands diversifying into more than just “drip”.” Kombonation got way more than they bargained for with KidSuper even taking this range and the Ambassador duo to New York city in 2022 for his exhibition!”

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Kombonation will host the kasi night experience of a lifetime, Kaofela Kaofela, where you can enjoy exhibitions, fashion, photography, talks, games, street sports, performances and DJ sets that influence the lifestyle of togetherness, ekasi. Tickets to this edition of Night Embassy Johannesburg by Jägermeister are R50 for a day pass.

Kombonation’s residency is named ‘Kaofela, Kaofela ‘ as the saying “together, we can do more” is part of Kombonation’s moral code. “We are a collaborative effort so we hold unity in community in high regard. We believe our dream can only come true if our community, our fans, and society as a whole understand that this is a joint effort,” says Kabelo.

“At The White House in Soweto, we will exhibit visual and performing arts by our community, with the incorporation of street cultural elements such as clothing and street sports that influence the lifestyle of togetherness, ekasi,” explains Kgotso.

“From a Kombonation Kollexion Fashion Show, to talks with special guests that influence urban culture in creativity, sports, and entertainment, we will cultivate an atmosphere of togetherness from this festive season to infinity,” Kgotso adds.

“Our venue will be turned into an unconventional gallery experience, not only showcasing our iconic imagery, but other forms of expression, such as street sports, music and fashion. The first night will start with a ‘konvoy’ (convoy) to the host venue from Jabavu,  where Kombonation hosts its annual front yard exhibition, with some interactive pit stops in between. When we arrive, there’ll be a fashion show waiting to blow our minds! We’ll play some fun games on the second night with the attendees, while those playing on the decks keep the night vibey. Our last evening begins with a conversation with an author from kasi, Tshidiso Moletsane, about his thought provoking book JUNX. The night ends with live performances by Kombonation, alongside other magical hood musicians!” Kgotso says. 

“Our good friends and fellow imagery practitioners, Sisterbozza, Director P, The Eye and Tshidiso Moletsane will be our residency ‘kollaborators’, disrupting exhibition norms with Kombonation! Everything about Kaofela Kaofela will showcase kasi brilliance, walala wasala!” Kgotso continues. 

The events will be MC’d by Kaymo ke Superstar and Leighnah. Hip hop, dancehall, soul and amapiano DJs and performers will take to The White House stage.

Day 1 – Opening Night – Friday 26 November 16:00 – 23:00

The last weekend of this month begins with a historic voyage to Ndofaya called the All Wheels Konvoy!

The meet-up spot is Freshthing’s home in    Jabavu, the host venue of The Annual Birthday Exhibition. The Kombonation front yard photographic showcase turns five this year and it is a great pleasure to have Night Embassy JHB in this chapter of Kombonation’s story! When we arrive, the Kombonation Kollexion Fashion Show hits the runway!

On decks: Qualidee, Buhle, Bomzi, Deepsoulja  

Day 2 – Saturday 27 November – Games Night 17:00 – 23:00

A ‘night-in’ type of night out! Come and watch a skate ‘kontest’, shoot some hoops and score some penalties during this fun filled night! Let’s make new friends while playing a variety of board games and indigenous games while celebrating with some ice kühl shots! Kuzoba mnandi hooray!

On decks: Hot Box Party by Teedo Love and Deniece Marz and DJ Nekita ; Freshboy and Vorosow van Stockow

Performances:  Focalistic, Jägermeister Brass Cartel, Open mic session.

Day 3 – Sunday 28 November – Closing Event 15:00 – 22:00

This night is one for the books, literally!

Staying true to visual literacy, this night begins with an exclusive sit down with Sowetan author Tshidiso Moletsane, writer of the autobiographical short novel, JUNX, who will inspire kasi writers to go for it! The night closes with live performances by hosts – Kombonation – and many more!

The musical seven ‘kalaz’ (colours) menu for the whole weekend includes Bilal da DJ, Roccotole, Amukelani, Jimm&Tonic, Thando Simelane, GoonZ, Jabulani Cindi and Kombonation.

About Night Embassy

Night Embassy Johannesburg by Jägermeister is a residency programme centred around ‘Freiraum’, a space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity. From 12 November to 4 December, the Night Embassy Ambassadors Unmuted., Other Village People, Kombonation and DormantYouth explore new directions in nightlife culture through curated events in Joburg. These Night Embassy Ambassadors will take over some of the iconic locations in the city to make their boldest nightlife visions come to life. On 11 December 2021, following the residency weeks, Night Embassy will close out with a big underground party in Johannesburg.

Kombonation entered Night Embassy Johannesburg as it was, “An opportunity for us to create an alternative kasi nightlife experience on a bigger scale. We’ve done so on our own from 2017, just never on a level that allows the world to see and be part of this togetherness. We’re honoured and appreciative of this platform.”

With the Kaofela Kaofela residency they have now created with funding from Jagermeister and the mentorship of the Night Embassy Creative Board, these Ambassadors of the Night “Get to drive home what’s really important to us; visual literacy. With our understanding of how the medium of photography plays a powerful role in history and that many of the kasi dwellers aren’t able to finish or even go to school, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to enforce this crucial skill amongst our people as a means to enhance learning as a whole. We want to empower our people to become critical thinkers so that they’re always considerate of others and their surroundings. This way our dream of safer streets and therefore fun-filled nights becomes a reality.”

Get tickets for KOMBONATION’s KOAFELA KOAFELA here: https://bit.ly/30ygFEc

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