Meta to celebrate rising artists made by Africa, loved by the WorldonAfrica Day

Among the eight Africa’s rising stars artists to be celebrated on May 25, 2023, is South African visual artist Qhamanande Maswana, who will share a special limelight with another South African Fhatuwani Mukheli, a photopgrapher and filmmaker.

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

If you do not know the name Qhamanande Maswana, do not blame yourself that much. This is simply because you are not the only one who does not. One of the reasons is simply that the structure of the art business as it currently stands in South Africa is that the success or the lack of  it for an artist depends pretty much on whether they are represented by a gallery or not. And of course galleries play an important part in in an artist’s journey, such as organising exhibitions, marketing such exhibitions and giving the artists support in several other ways that ultimately ensure that the artist focuses on what they know best – that is creating art works. The lucky ones even have studio paid for by the gallery, and in some cases, rare as they are in South Africa, material is also purchased for them by the gallery representing them.

However in today’s world, where the digital space has opened opportunities for exposure to the global world, some artists have taken advantage of that to market what they create to the world through such platforms as social media and their own websites. They use these tools to connect with collectors for example. The good ones do not only display their artworks on these platforms, but share their stories of who they are and their processes in art making.

Some of course have done so without success as they still have to juggle marketing and creating at the same time, and it is often a daunting undertaking.

One such artist who has managed to connect with the global art market with success in South Africa is, who is one of eight artists from Africa chosen by Meta (Facebook) to be celebrated, marking Africa Day on May 25, 2023, is Maswana.

Maswana ( (South Africa): is a visual artist celebrated internationally who effortlessly blends reality with imagination in each portrait, often depicting the beauty and challenges of everyday life in South Africa. Maswana joins other artists from various artistic disciplines that Meta has dubbed Africa’s Rising Stars. And according to the giant social media platform, “this year’s edition aims to amplify the voices and stories of eight rising talents from across Africa, who are building a global presence and changing the way Africa is viewed on the international stage.” This year’s edition is called Made by Africa, Loved by the World campaign.

“As part of Africa Day celebration on 25 May, Meta ( announced the third iteration of its pan-African Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign. Themed “Rising Stars”, this year’s edition aims to amplify the voices and stories of eight rising talents from across Africa, who are building a global presence and changing the way Africa is viewed on the international stage,” the organisation said in a statement released after the announcement.

Representing several creative industries ranging from music, fashion, lifestyle, to art, this year’s self-shot ‘vlog-styled’ short stories provide a glimpse of the creators’ world and highlights how being African inspires their creativity. Alongside this, Meta is running a dedicated community Reels challenge – #ShareYourAfrica #AfricaMade, encouraging the African community on Instagram to celebrate their authenticity – whether through dance, music, fashion, food or art. For Africa Day Meta will be holding a fireside chat with a selection of key figures from across the continent – exploring the global impact of Africa’s youth and how platforms like Instagram are helping to fuel their global appeal.

Commenting, Kezia Anim-Addo, Director of Communications, Sub-Saharan Africa, Meta, said: “We’re thrilled to celebrate Africa Day this year by amplifying the stories of just some of our talented rising stars from across the continent who are shining a spotlight on African culture, music, food, dance, fashion, and so much more in their own voices. Every day, we see young African creatives use Meta technologies, like Instagram and Facebook, to share their stories, express themselves, and bring people together in incredible and inspiring ways. We’re proud that our technologies have a role to play in amplifying these voices and stories, both locally and globally.”

The rest of the list of the Rising Stars Made by Africa, Loved by the World is as follows:

  • Henry Ohanga ( (Kenya): An award-winning recording and performing artist, popularly known as Octopizzo, who is using his talents to inspire change in art, music, sports and culture.
  • Fhatuwani Mukheli ( (South Africa): An internationally exhibited visual artist, filmmaker and photographer passionate about healing people through visual arts.
  • Jacqueline Acheampong – Gyakie ( (Ghana): A singer, songwriter, and performer whose music features catchy melodies and infectious beats. With several performances in Ghana and across the world, she has clinched multiple local and international awards.
  • Enioluwa Adeoluwa ( (Nigeria): A fashion and lifestyle influencer who has carved a niche in the fashion industry, collaborated with international brands, and built a strong community of GenZ fans around the world.
  • Njang Mengu Collins ( (Cameroon): A singer and rapper popularly known as Ko-C, who combines a distinctive fusion of Afropop and hip-hop with his songs successes having led to several international nominations.
  • Fena Gitu ( (Kenya): A renowned female “Urban Soul” singer, songwriter and producer who has partnered with local and global artists. She has received several recognitions for her phenomenal work in the music industry and continues to be appreciated beyond Kenyan borders.

Adesokan Emmanuel – Shanks Comics ( (Nigeria) A social media comic, skit maker, content creator, brand influencer and media personality who believes in the power of storytelling.

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