Pop artist Fringe’s Calculus of Joy exhibition to open at Hyde Park Corner in Johannesburg

By CityLife Arts Writer

He practices art using the name Fringe and his recent shows ever since he trasitioned from commercial graphic art to a gallery space are doing well in the market, selling out in some instances at both primary (gallery market) and secondary markets (at fine art auctions) both in South Africa and internationally.

Fringe’s  latest solo exhibition opens on 24 February at 5.30pm at Hyde Park Corner,corner Jan Smuts Avenue and William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg. This is Fringe’s  fourth  solo exhibition, and is presented by The Daville Baillie Gallery.

The exhibition is titled Calculus of Joy.

For the next chapter in his remarkable journey, FRINGE takes over the gallery and public space of the marble clad Hyde Park Corner. On February 24 Daville Baillie Gallery, at Hyde Park, will be overflowing with the Fringe experience, investigating the visual essence of joy.

Multidimensional, multidisciplinary and audacious, the new works align with the human need for co-dependence, making us all part of the same romance of life. Friendship, love, sexuality and procreation are the themes in which life-lessons are taught by pop characters of a fulfilled world. It’s an exhibition of Hope.

New moves by the artist include literal sculptures representing the masculine condition, as well as non-figurative installation that looks at the experience of manhood, and fatherhood, with a new narrative bent. Works show and help us feel the artist’s intention behind Calculus of Joy.

“With this eagerly awaited follow-up from his last sell-out solo exhibition in 2020, the Daville Baillie Gallery once again displays its ability to venture into new terrains. As an artist with a global presence, FRINGE is now represented on four continents. As this agile and adept artist moves his practice into the areas of bronze sculpture and large plastic pop iconography, he continues his output of canvases in oil, acrylic and charcoal, as well as unique works on paper, print series’ and installations, says the gallery in its marketing material ahead of the show’s opening.

Fringe is the pseudonym of a South African pop artist. His story is a combination of high output and well-timed solo exhibitions that have launched his signature series’. His singular style has become identifiable as the artist’s alone. Born in the 1970s in South Africa, he migrated from graphic design to art production, using branding in conjunction with provocative imagery to produce unique multimedia pieces and sculptures. Moving from commercial graphics to the gallery context, from 2017 Fringe has enjoyed multiple sold-out solo exhibitions. His work has been exhibited and auctioned around the world. In February 2022, he will hold his fourth solo exhibition at the Daville Baillie Gallery in Hyde Park.

 .Hyde Park Corner, is at corner Jan Smuts Avenue and William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

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