Rémy Martin teams up with SA music talent Riky Rick and Major League DJz for the Ultimate Summer experience!

By CityLife Arts Writer

Summer is here and the time is now to turn up the heat. This season the house of Rémy Martin teams up, once more with award-winning South African musical talents, to deliver the ultimate summer experience.

Rémy Martin is passionate about local urban culture, of which the South African music scene is a huge part. Through the Rémy Producers platform, the brand can collaborate with well known local artists and provide upcoming talent with an opportunity to showcase their skills and to learn from some of the best in the industry.

One such well known talent is award winning musician – Riky Rick, who returns as a key member of the team, to deliver on the task at hand.

“As Rémy Martin, we believe that every accomplishment is shaped by collaboration through combining our skills and talents, and working together as one to instil passion, excellence and savoire-faire. Riky Rick embodies this narrative of passion and collaboration, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries in the continuous pursuit of excellence which resonates so strongly with the Rémy Martin brand,” says Jerome Adonis – Rémy Martin Marketing Manager.

“We did some great things first time around and now with the second season of the Rémy Producers platform, we aim to turn it up a notch and give the South African cognac audience a great summer all-round, with the best drink in hand, teamed up with best local music experience, we can’t go wrong. It’s a well-deserved moment,” says Riky Rick.

To dial up the excitement Rémy Martin, known for building family relationships, have teamed up with family DJ duo Major League DJz, the twin DJ act known for taking popular South African music genre Amapiano to the world, one Balcony Mix at a time.

Balcony Mix Africa is a virtual musical experience created to take fans on a dance music journey, introducing them to some of the biggest and most exclusive songs on the continent. Say Major League DJz, “Since the start of COVID, we have looked at alternative ways to drive interest in music and arts. The Virtual Balcony Mix Africa sessions have been instrumental in launching new music and encouraging fans across Africa to stay home and stay safe but enjoy amazing music and beaufiul scenery from the comfort of their homes by watching Balcony Mix Africa on YouTube.”

“We are really excited to be partnering with the Rémy family this summer season because for us, the Balcony Mix Africa platform is crucial in immersing the Amapiano sound across the world. We look forward to coming home and we guarantee all our fans that this summer is going to be like no other as we take the Balcony Mix experiences across the country with Rémy Martin,” say Major League DJz.

This season, Rémy Martin will engage consumers through key on-trade activations, giveaways and summer experiences that see the Major League DJz hosting their famous balcony mixes nationally.

Fans will be able to watch these Balcony Mix sessions when they go live every Friday on YouTube on 17 December, 24 December 2021 and 7 January 2022.

“Major League DJz have worked hard over the years to be able to deliver an exceptional music experience, which resonates so well with our local audience. Teaming up with Riky Rick and Major League DJz is the ultimate manifestation of excellence and collaboration which is so close to the heart of Rémy Martin” says Jerome Adonis.

This season will be one to remember with Rémy Martin in hand. For more on the campaign, follow @remymartinsa.

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