SARA takes National Arts Council to court over its “inadequate” implementation of the Public Protector’s remedial action ruling

This is in relation to the arts body’s controversial Expired Projects and Surplus Policy, which was ruled to be open to abuse by officials and possibly illegal by the Public Protector, recommending its amendment to close the loopholes.

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

When the Public Protector made its ruling about the issue after receiving complaints from Sara about three years ago, one of the recommendations was that the NAC needed to take steps with regards to the policy that would ensure that the policy is in line with the law and its loopholes that could be abused by officials are closed.

The NAC however in previous communications with Sara that CITYLIFE/ARTS has seen, insists that it has since fulfilled its obligations with regards to that ruling and the recommendations, including amending the policy to be in line with the law. However Sara insists that that is not the case as whatever remedial actions the NAC has taken so far falls short of the recommendations. Instead Sara insists that instead of meeting the recommendations, the arts body’s new policy has simply replaced that policy with yet another one not very much dissimilar to the one that existed before.

CITYLIFE/ARTS has learned this week that Sara has filed papers with the court to force the arts body to implement the remedial actions of the Public Protector fully, giving the NAC 60 days to do so.

Sara President Freddy Nyathela confirmed to CITYLIFE/ARTS that his Non-Profit Organisation has filed papers with the South African High Court (Local Division).

In its papers Sara cites the National Arts Council as First Respondent, Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, as Second Respondent and the Public Protector as Third Respondent.

CITYLIFE/ARTS was however unable to get comment from the National Arts Council before publishing, and once that is received we will update the story accordingly.

However the NAC has filed its notice to oppose the Sara application, CITYLIFE/ARTS has been reliably been informed.

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  1. SARA it’s not a snake that you can kill easily, it’s rising about the storm (phambili Mr Nyathela phambili)

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