Sasol art competition cancelled in face of Covid-19

By Edward Tsumele |

The effects of Covid-19 are reaching far and wide, especially in the arts sector with several events such as festivals, art competitions, theatrical productions and concerts, either postponed, and cancelled altogether or in limbo as a result of the pandemic. The latest victim of the pandemic is the long running premiere arts competition, Sasol New Signatures.

The organisers have cancelled the competition and all events associated with the event this year. This is the first time this event has been cancelled since it was started several decades ago. Alongside with ABSA L’Atelier, which was also cancelled earlier this year, has proved itself to be a popular platform that has seen many an artist hunger to to win this award.

“The Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 2020 has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s competition and all associated events. This follows health and safety concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as logistical challenges related to restrictions to contain the spread of the disease in South Africa.

Given the challenges we face in the next few months, we don’t believe that we will be able to run the competition safely and viably enough this year. We made this decision after much consideration and due diligence in seeking alternate ways to run the competition under the restrictions we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Pieter van Heerden, Director of the Association of Arts Pretoria.

“While we are deeply saddened at having to cancel the event, the safety of our artists, staff and attendees has to remain our key priority. We encourage you all to stay safe, and keep creating during this time of lockdown,” van Heerden continued.

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