The book Dangerous calls for one to become formidable version of yourself

Short extracts from this powerful book about leadership

By Erik Kruger

Before you can face a threat, you must recognise it. Failing to do so will certainly result in catastrophe and you will have to bear the consequences of this failure.

One of your greatest weapons against the forces that conspire against you is your ability to reason; to size up the opponent, and to then devise a plan that will move you towards victory. However, it’s easy for us to miscalculate the odds, to misinterpret the severity of a threat, or to get fixated on the wrong plan.

Reckless people misuse power, waste resources, and overreact to threats. In some ways when you are harmless you are also being reckless. This is so because you know that how you are responding to a threat is inadequate and therefore causing harm to you and perhaps others. You are being reckless with your potential – responding with insufficient force, enthusiasm, or emphasis.

The safer option of course is to retreat when faced with danger. So, why move forward at all? Why summon the courage to face the threat? It’s because the threat guards something that the hero wants. This can take many forms – the lover that must be saved, the world that must be protected, the treasure that must be seized.

That’s just not human nature. We wait for things to break before we do something. We live with the pain. We endure the discomfort. Because it seems easier than the alternative of doing something about it. It showed me that human beings are excellent at tolerating mediocrity.

Yet, if you want to be dangerous, then you must become allergic to mediocrity and remove the things that are making you weak.

.This book could not be more timely given the onslaught of threats and challenges that South Africans are currently facing.

The reality of life is that you cannot escape threats. Threats to your business, your relationships, your potential, your health. In fact, everything you love is being threatened. The question is, what will you do about it?We are all continuously threatened. This might sound depressing, but in reality, it’s an invitation to become a better version of you”, says Erik Kruger, international speaker and author of the new life-changing book, DANGEROUS, that everyone is currently talking about.

How you learn to respond to threats determines the trajectory of your life. If you respond with a lack of force, energy and will, you will most likely end up in a familiar place – survival mode. Many of us know this space all too well.  I have worked with incredible business leaders, sportsmen and sportswomen, professionals and leaders in their fields and everyone – even the most successful among us – end up in survival mode at one time or another”, he continues.

He explains that survival mode is a physical place and state of being. Sometimes starting internally and finding its way to the outside. And sometimes starting externally and making its way inside. According to Erik you cannot always tell from a superficial observation on the outside whether someone is in survival mode or not.  It could be the entrepreneur whose business has come under siege, the single mother who’s about to lose her job, the CEO whose business is thriving, yet his life is falling apart. It could by anyone of us.

Erik Kruger

In DANGEROUS, which is available in printed and digital format now, Erik explains the difference between those who are dangerous and those who are not.  How it happens that we become harmless, ineffective against the threats that we are facing, thus ending up in survival mode, withdrawn and fragile.  He explains the three different states you could be existing in at any point of time, being harmless, dangerous or reckless.

“Too often, because of what happens around us, we are forced into a corner. Into survival mode. Thisin itself isn’t a problem except for the fact that survival mode can become an accepted way of operating in the world. We lose our edge, our fight, our bite. As Seth Godin would say – survival is not enough,” he says about the inspiration behind his latest book.

In DANGEROUS, he reveals – through short, concise nuggets of insights drawn from neuroscience, coaching philosophies, and working with exceptional business leaders – how you can become a threat to that which threatens you. A firm believer that adaptability is a skill that should be cultivated and not a passive trait that should only be applied, when necessary, Erik teaches you how to act without fear and how to become dangerous and position yourself for success.

He reminds youthat you can do something about the things happening in your life. This includes the decisions that you make, the actions that you take, and the consequences thereof and that you have the opportunity to act in any situation that you find yourself in. You are not the victim. You are not just a passive recipient of the forces of life.  He challenges you to rise to the level of your challenges and then beyond. But he doesn’t expect you to do this alone. Instead, he offers you the tools to embrace courage, intention, and the ability to recalibrate how you think, feel, and act.

“You are being threatened and you must do something about it. It’s not just an option, it’s a responsibility. If you fail to respond to these threats, you fail yourself. You fail your potential. You fail those around you.

Too often when we are faced with hardship, we quit. We consciously or unconsciously choose to be harmless. And a harmless life, is not a life at all. DANGEROUS is a reminder that you can be formidable in the face of uncertainty and when under threat. In fact, you train how you think, feel, and act so you can become a threat to the threat, a danger to the danger. You can be dangerous again”, Erik explains.

DANGEROUS is about taking back control and stepping into your power.  It applies to everyone, from nurses to pastors to parents to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, teachers and couples. We should all be dangerous. We should all act in ways that advance us to overcome the threats that we face. And it just so happens that as we do that, we are also protecting those in our care.

If you want to become effective against the threats in your life, and if you are interested in not only embracing the challenges and obstacles that life places in your path, but in seeing them for the opportunity that they really are, then this book should be your ultimate guide.

“I remember the first time Erik shared his idea of being a danger to the danger and it immediately changed my thought process to step up and step forward into warrior mode – being dangerous has become a constant reminder for when I may fall back into old ways of thinking. I highly recommend you read the book to understand how this will expansively impact your live.– John Sanei:bestselling author, global keynote speaker and executive advisory.

Dangerous is an invitation to becoming better, stronger, and faster. To becoming Dangerous.

.DANGEROUS releases in stores on 3 May 2022

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