The township of Riverlea is under photographic focus

By CityLife Arts Writer

The Market Photo Workshop, the Market Theatre Laboratory in collaboration with Raw Multimedia is conducting the Re-Imagining Riverlea: A Participatory Arts Project. The aim of the project is to facilitate processes for community members of Riverlea to find, explore and represent their stories – not just their present, and the challenges that they currently face, but also their imagined futures, and their reflections on how the past has informed the present. 

 By working with identified ‘micro communities’ within Riverlea that is. students, the elderly, people with disabilities, unemployed youth and social activists – the project will reflect the diversity of Riverlea and the multitude of lived experiences within it. 

By using theatre-based methodologies and image making photography the project will encourage community engagement and facilitate inter-generational dialogue. Through applied theatre and drama, the community members will be invited to express themselves, share their stories, talk about their realities, their dreams, aspirations and their struggles, and explore possible solutions to improve their lives.

Through image making the community members will be able to reflect and share their lived experiences which will create visibility within the community and begin a larger dialogue not only in the Riverlea community but between other communities who may share similar challenges and dreams and thus influence social change.

The Re-Imagining Riverlea: A Participatory Arts Project commenced on 28 September and will be completed on 17 November 2020. It will be implemented in four phases. So far the facilitation team has met with the participants for an introductory session.

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