Times Square Billboard boy Lloyiso Gijana releases EP, titled Seasons

By CityLIfe Arts Writer

SA soul and R&B star Lloyiso Gijana who has made it to the famous Times Square Billboard in New York always dreamed about it. 

The billboard, by Spotify, is aimed at promoting his debut EP, Seasons. The singer joins many African and South African stars who shine bright in the Billboard like Sho Madjozi and Durban Gogo among others. 

The Eastern Cape singing sensation said he always saw faces of many stars splashed big in Time Square and wished to be there also. Now that it finally happened, Gijana is excited. In his Instagram post, Gijana said: “Mama, I have Made it to Newy York Time Square”.  

“It is absolutely breathtaking to see myself on that billboard.  I am still trying to grasp that this is really happening, or this is just a dream. Being there means that more people will get to know about my music. The numbers of streams have been growing and that is good.” 

For someone whose initial plan has always been to be a global star, making it to New York’s Billboard proves that he is on the right track. 

“I think I have worked so hard to get to this point and make sure I produce the best and quality music which people can relate to. My biggest plan has always been to carry on singing music that touches people.” 

After spending months in America last year recording music, Gijana believes that he is ready for a big one man show tour. The singer explained that the reason he has not had a one-man show was because he had been focusing on recording music and building his brand. 

“I was focusing on establishing myself as a brand and understanding myself more and understanding my audience. And that journey is now more clearer. Spending some time in America assisted me a lot because I was struggling to find my sound and style. Now I have got a hand on to it and I know who I am singing for.” 

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