Turbine Art Fair ready to give collectors an unforgettable art experience as it turns 10 this year

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

With a new venue at an upmarket shopping centre it is all systems go for popular art fair Turbine Art Fair, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

And this year, there are quite a number of surprises waiting for at collectors at the fair, which will take place on the roof top of Hyde Park Corner from July 27 to July 30 2023.

In a wide ranging interview with Turbine Art Fair founder Glynis Hyslop, CITYLIFE/ARTS was given an insight of what the fair this year will look like.

“We are excited about this year’s art fair marking 10 years of its existence. At its new permanent home on the roof top of Hyde Park Corner, there are a number of surprises at this year’s art fair,” said Hyslop.

Hyslop said that the journey has been exciting so far from its humble beginning at Turbine Hall becoming what the art fair is now.

Glynis Hyslop (Founder of Turbine Art Fair, and Managing Director at the forum company) and Katlego Makhudu (Marketing Manager at the forum company) 

“What is important to us is that not only have we created a platform for collectors looking for quality art5 from emerging artists, but the fair has also given a platform to new galleries. We are excited to see these galleries and the artists they represent now being recognised by other platforms,” Hyslop said.

Turbine Art Fair has indeed opened immense opportunities for new collectors and those already with a sizable collection of contemporary art to add to their collection works by fresh emerging artists.

“The point is this; we want people to experience art differently, in a relaxed environment where there is no pressure to be pushed into buying art. Yes we would love people to buy art, but really the point is they must experience the fair differently,” Hyslop explained.

Turbine Art Fair in the past 9 years has taken place in different venues, but now has found a permanent home that it shares with its sister company The Forum Company specialising in creating and hosting to class events.

Hyslop explained that although most of the artists that are represented by galleries are emerging, there is a rigorous curation process by a team of art experts that include well known artist and academic Professor Karel Nel, making sure that only the best of art practitioners and their art work make it to the Turbine Art Fair represented by top galleries.

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