Visual artist George Mulaudzi has finally found a new home for his body of work

By Edward Tsumele

During the day he works as a health consultant for a Men’s Health Clinic situated in inner city Johannesburg. But on weekends and after 5pm he gets to work on his art as a painter. Visual artists George Mulaudzi has in fact been working quietly on his art practice to an extent he is rumoured to have a houseful of his creations at his other house in Pretoria. He lives in Sandton with his family. Although many were found unprepared to deal with the first season of the lockdown in March last year.

Mulaudzi used that time to work relentlessly, creating a body of work that is rumoured to be in their hundreds of pieces. “In no time I had created so many art pieces that necessitated the need to look for a home for this body of work. And for me it is about the legacy for my family, and of course sharing this with those who love collecting.

This is when the idea of finding a home for this art work came about. I could have made one of my houses a gallery, but felt that I needed to display these works in a place that is accessible to those interested in shopping around for investment art.

And so the idea of 132 Gallery came from there. This is a place where George’s brand as an artist is to be found and the works are available for collecting,” he told CITYLIFE/ARTS in an interview.

132 Art Gallery, which is strategically situated on 11 Alice Lane in Sandhurst, Sandton, has been operating for a few months noqw, and recently hoisted a group exhibition.

However going forward Mulaudzi and his partner Tumi Tshikalaha see the gallery as a home that will run especially curated shows, displaying Mulaudzi’s body of work that he has produced over the years, including the works he produced during lockdown. These specially curated shows will have a different theme, touch on a number of contempoirary issues that his art practice focuses on.

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