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Ndlovu Youth Choir’s new single Liberate Love, a welcome relief during these stressful times

By Edward Tsumele

South Africa, a mainly Christian country has a rich history of choral music, a rich art heritage which has taken root in South African communities, dating centuries.

There are many reasons for that, one of which is the church, in which this music genre is rooted and from which it originates. Another reason is that scholars have also contributed quite significantly to the growth of this music genre, by adding academic elements and rigour to it, notably the late composer prolific composer Mzilikazi Khumalo, who died this year.

There is therefore no wonder that in recent years, South African choral outfits have emerged to take  music centre stage, not only locally but abroad as well. Such choral outfits as the Soweto Gospel Choir, Tshwane Gospel Choir and Joyous Celebration are today household names, not only in South Africa, but some of them overseas as well.

But there is one particular choir that in recent years stole the hearts of many when it spectacularly performed in a high profile international competition, and almost won the big prize.

Ndlovu Youth Choir from the mainly rural South African province of Mpumalanga  performed so well that it almost snatched the number 1 position of the popular America Has Talent competition in 2018. The fact that they did not win at the end, is neither here nor there, as the point is that the choir demonstrated that South Africa has talent for all the world to see.

It is against this context that I almost jumped on my desk in excitement when I received an inbox message on Thursday, August 12, 2021, from music recording  company Sony Music, informing the media that Ndlovu  Youth Choir has released a single titled Liberate Love. What a relief during these uncertain times of the world pandemic, Covid-19..

I was quick to go to the link to listen to their music as I dropped everything I was doing the very same moment I received that email. Boy, this choir is talented and gifted, and the choral music loving audiences will hear more from this choir for many years to come. I simply fell in love with this single they have just released ahead of a full album in the near future.

The point is since its inception in 2009, the Ndlovu Youth Choir has become one of the world’s most loved choirs. Their unique musical arrangements, powerhouse vocals, irresistibly combined with mesmerising choreography and infectious energy have inspired millions across the globe.

With the release of this single, Ndlovu Youth Choir spreads more joy with Liberate Love,  available on all digital platforms today.  In true Ndlovu Youth Choir fashion, Liberate Love is an uplifting up tempo single that calls us all to ‘be kind, take a moment to care,’ have the important conversations and liberate love.

Well known and loved for adding their unique style, feel and breath-taking harmonies to soul-stirring renditions of well-known covers and re-interpretation of songs, the talented singers have been writing their own songs and Liberate Love  is one of those original compositions. With all the doom that has been looming over everyone,  due to the situation of Covid-19,‘Liberate Love’ will definitely add a ray of sunshine to anyone’s day.

Stream or Download Liberate LoveHERE and be the judge.

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