Artists booked at Newtown’s forthcoming Mash Up Da City festival promise to give fans good music and healing

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

The day is increasingly coming closer and closer and understandably fans of both Reggae and Dancehall are excited that the day they have been waiting for so long is about to arrive.

Fans of these two closely related dance music genres, with Dancehall having emerged as a dance and chant off short of Reggae that is more suited to those who want to engage is serious energetic dance routines, and reggae more suited to these who prefer to listen and dance in a take-it easy fashion, could not have asked for a better line up this time around.

The artists all of whom hail from the southern African region represent fairly well both Reggae and Dancehall, whose fans for the first time ever since these two music genres took root in the region, have not had an opportunity to watch their favourite musicians, proponents of the two genres on one stage. This is a first in the history of both genres in southern Africa that these two genres will share the stage and fans.

Fans of this music genre will also be blessed on stage with the much anticipated presence and debut performance of new group going by the name of Two Point Ow(2.0)  which was formed last year during the height of Covid-19, and until now has had no opportunity to showcase what they are made of due to the arrival of Covid-19. The pandemic disrupted live events, such as theatre, festivals and concerts. Two Point Ow(2.0) Is a South African first pop-Reggae duo formed In 2021 And It consists of  song-writers Lunga Hercules Wela and Grace Kelahlegile Thethela. The duo Is working on a project album titled Another Love Story/Situation, which Is due to be released this year 2022. Two Point Ow(2.0) came about when the two well Known Reggae Artists were signed  under Blackness Blue Productions. The duo will make their first appearance on the most anticipated Mash Up Da City Event on 5 March 2022 At Carfax, Newtown Johannesburg.

CITYLIFE/ARTS this week spoke to the man behind this group, Sammy Royal to have an idea of the new group’s philosophy and their preparedness for the much awaited debut performance at Carfax in Newtown on March 5, 2022, where they will share the stage with powerful Reggae and Dancehall artists that includeDJs and the main acts  Nutty O(ZIM), Bongo Riot(SA) ,Reign Afrika (SA) , Maffie Gee(SA) ,DJ Fanta (SA), Etherton (ZIMFM), DJ Jun(JPN) to mention a few from this jam packed gig.

CITYLIFE/ARTS: What does this Festival Mean for the Promotion of Reggae and Dancehall in general in the country?

Sammy Royal: This Festival is lucky to be one of those to break a stigma between Reggae and Dancehall massive with a whole lot of brighter intensions to unite and build a stable industry for south African reggae and Dancehall musicians.

CITYLIFE/ARTS: What Should Reggae and Dancehall fans expect from Two Point Ow?

Sammy Royal: : I’d say fire flames, because Two Point Ow will be introducing a warm dish of tasteful melodies with a flavor of live instruments and a pitch of Vernac just to balance our Reggae and Dancehall massive.

CITYLIFE/ARTS:: How long have you been working together?

Sammy Royal: Blackness Blue Productions formed Two Point Ow late last year.

CITYLIFE/ARTS:  What do you think generally promoters tend to promote other music genres instead of Reggae and Dancehall?

Sammy Royal::You see most promoters choose to go for an active sector of the  industry. Unlike Reggae and Dancehall in S.A we have a huge but small industry, so that’s why you’ll find most artists switching genres in order to earn a living as well as most promoters go for what is currently selling in the market. Everybody wants money.

This festival of Reggae & Dancehall will bring togetherness, love and unity to Mzansi Reggae, but not only for Mzansi  but for Zimdancehall as well. For .Reggae & Dancehall fans. They must know that..Two Point Ow is coming with  fire, a good massage, good music and healing to the world.  We will be soon dropping our first album titled Love Situation. All you need to do is just stay tuned

What we have seen is that promoters promote other genres instead of Reggae & Dancehall because Reggae and Dancehall are under rated in our country compared to other genres. During this pandemic Two Point Ow has been pushing, working very hard even though it was not that easy because of less booking/performances. Obviously as we all know, no bookings, no income

CITYLIFE/ARTS: Many music acts have been affected by the pandemic, How has the outbreak of the pandemic affected Two Point Ow?

Sammy Royal:  Two Point Ow is a newborn so we haven’t experienced much but individually things had been rough. No gigs, no platforms so it made everything hard. So I’m proud to say I’m looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us.

 CITYLIFE/ARTS: What preparations are you making for the upcoming gig?

Sammy Royal: Preparations have begun already. We are preparing everything we can as we gonna be coming out with the band and making sure we give the fans nothing but good music.

Tickets prices for this festival dubbed  #MASH UP DA CITY Reggae and Dancehall music festival 2022 are available  at Pro ,Spar R100 (online)for your early birds but R150 at the gate and ,R300 VIP.,

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