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Chemical engineer Ntombi Ngobese aiming for the Mrs. Mpumalanga crown

By CityLife Arts Correspondent

The contest for the 6th Mrs. Mpumalanga, a pageant for role model married women in the province is heating up with 14 women, finalists in this popular pageant set to fight it out on Saturday, November 28. The 14 contestants will be fighting for the hearts and nod of the judges, and one of them will be crowned Mrs. Mpumalanga 2020 at the Communio Auditorium in Mbombela. The function starts at 5.30pm and costs R250 per ticket.

One of the contestants ready for the crown is chemical engineer Ntombi Ngobese, who has been busy in the past few months involved in a number of charity events in the province, a requirement for all the contestants who have reached the finals to be considered for Mrs. Mpumalanga material.

Ngobese a university graduate with a chemical engineering degree, who holds a management position with Eskom in the province told CityLife Arts that she was looking forward to the pageant, and If she is given the nod by the judges come Saturday,she would continue doing what she had already started, getting involved with the community such as giving motivational talks at schools as well as doing charity work with organizations in the province.

Just last week she moved from one charity event to another, including being involved in a community charity fun walk, attending a function of the Local Golf Rotary Club as a host, as well as visiting the community from where she hails from to seek their support and endorsement as a potential Mrs. Mpumalanga.

Mrs. Ntombi  Ngobese during charity work around the province

“My aim is to touch the lives of many people living in Mpumalanga, not leaving out the ones who know me in person. I thought it  was going to be good  to go back where I used to live so that they can see that I have not forgotten them. I did a 10 kilometers walk with the people from Dipaleseng Manicipality. Those were the people I have spent most of my life with. It was a very warm, welcoming  reception  received from them and I am so grateful to know such people in my life. They are so loving and supportive. I even got time to spend tim with  my friend of many years ago, the former Mayor of Dipaleseng, Busi Khanye,” she said..

Nyombi Ngobese serving food to the community of Msukaligwa Municipality

“Hospitality is one of the attributes that was revealed in me by the network course that I attended in our church. I then joined the team that servde and welcomed the guests in our church. I participated  in mission trips, going as far as Lesotho and Swaziland where we served the community in different areas. . Since I became Mrs mpumalanga finalist, I had an I idea to also do something for the Ermelo community. I then spoke to one of my colleagues, and she told me about a Mr. Singh who  already  has been serving food to the community for years. I then visited him to check how could we work together serving the community. I wanted to leave a lasting, positive impact on the society. It is  not an easy task to do,though as you need to have a heart for it. I truly respect Mr. Singh because it is something that he does on a monthly basis. I felt fulfilled after helping in this community last weekend,” Ngobese concluded, she said about their  sdistributing food to the people that live on the streets as well as those in surrounding informal settlements.


Mrs. Ntombi  Ngobese during charity work around the province

 There was a lot of excitement  when people saw us coming with food parcels. Since this activity is done on a monthly basis all the homeless people know the car and when they see it they excitedly rush collect their share of food. What a fulfilling experience serving the vulnerable of society..

“I would like to urge all the working class and the people in business:  Let’s help to fight poverty in our country. If you don’t have time to do it yourselves, you can do it by donating to organizations who have the expertise and time to do so. After helping the community I felt like I had reached Happiness level 3. This kind of happiness you experience it after doing good to someone’s life,” she explained.

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