Experiencing fineness in interior décor as Bravo Brands launches new Brand Experience Centre in South Africa’s leading design district

Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

When you get into the First Floor of the building that now houses leading sleep and interior brand company Bravo Brands, Corner 3, 16 Desmond Road in Krammerville, Sandton, the first thing that will catch your eye are the beautiful coaches that scream “take me into your lounge”, garden furniture pieces that shout that they belong to your garden, a well known brand of carpets Nouwens,, and that is not all. I was taken into a room that resembles a bedroom of a King, with a double bed taking centre stage. “What would you think If this bed belonged to your bedroom?”, asked Karen Van Niekerk, contracts manager at Bravo Brands, whose role is to connect with the hospitality industry and their designers  with Bravo Brands’ manufacturing expertise, when and If they are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner for their furniture.

“We do not just manufacture the furniture from the drawing from their designers, but we also offer expertise with regards to what works and what does not work from the drawings. And so it is a collaborative effort, making sure that what we manufacture is not only durable, but meets the highest standard when it comes to craftsmanship, the quality and so forth and so on,” van Niekerk told CITYLIFE/ARTS as she also led us to the carpet section.

The carpet department has just been added to the portfolio of Bravo Brands, having been bought from its previous owners last year. This is the well known carpet company Nouwens,.

“Today is our way of saying thank you to our retail partners who sell to consumers. Our customers are you retail shops as we do not sell our products directly to consumers, but you do. What we are launching here today is not a show room, because a show room has a fixation with the price and customers never got to experience a brand, Here we have created an experience of a brand. When you get here you need to smell the brand, the leather couches and so forth and so on,” said Dave Govender the Chief Executive Officer of Bravo Brands on Tuesday, May 31 at the launch of  Bravo Brands Experience Centre right in the heart of the design district of South Africa, Krammerville in Sandton. The centre is surrounded by several top class design companies in the country, all found in one place, 16 Desmond Road in Krammerville.

All in all Bravo Brands has nine brands, ranging from top class lounge to sleep furniture.

In essence launch event  last week was–Bravo Brands, the African leader in home and lifestyle comfort ‘s opening  of their second Brand Experience Centre and headquarters in Kramerville, South Africa’s leading design district.

The new Brand Experience Centre integrates the full stable of brands including Alpine, Edblo, Gommagomma, Grafton Everest, King Koil, La-Z-Boy, Nouwens, Sealy and Slumberland into one holistic experience for the consumer, reaffirming Bravo Brands’position as a leader in home comfort. Situated in the heart of Johannesburg’s design district, this new location is easily accessible and conveniently located close to Sandton, the business hub of the city to meet consumers where they are.

“Driven by unprecedented change in retail, shopping behavior and consumer expectations accelerated by the impact of the pandemic, it is imperative that we create a valuable shopping experience for our customers,” says  Govender.

Homes today need to be multi-functional and appropriate for living, working, and socialising. There has been an increased need for seamless integration of different living areas which allows the home to become a space to motivate and inspire, but also relax and recharge. Therefore, retailers have had to guide consumers on how core and statement furniture piecescan be combined for greater functionality.

“Although we have seen a shift in customer behaviour with an increase in online shopping and ecommerce, customers still have a need for the physical brand experience where they can look, touch, feel and see how furniture pieces integrate and come to life in their homes. With the launch of the Bravo Brands Experience Centre, we are enabling South Africans to visualise the inspiration they’re discovering online in a tangible way while making proudly South African craftsmanship and design more accessible through the space.”

Kramerville has evolved over the years from a previously industrial area to the hub of creative design and décor that it is today.In addition to lounge, bedding and flooring solutions, the district has a wide range of excellent offerings, including homeware, lighting, appliances, fabrics, catering, specialised events, and a range of wonderful places to eat and drink.

You can visit the new Bravo Brands Experience Centre at 16 Desmond Street, Kramerville (Corner 3).

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