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Face and Garage launch #Realpeople Realstories

The campaign supports the Creative industry and runs till December 16.

Through its partnership with Creatives Garage, Facebook aims to support the creative industry in Kenya by providing a platform where they can amplify their work and inspire others

By CityLife Arts Correspondent

On, Wednesday December 4, 2020, Facebook ( and Creatives Garage ( launched  #RealpeopleRealstories – a campaign that showcases the stories of ordinary people using creativity and innovation to inspire their communities. Through its partnership with Creatives Garage, a social enterprise that works with creatives, Facebook aims to support the creative industry in Kenya by providing a platform where they can amplify their work and inspire others.

Featuring short documentaries debuted on Facebook (, the #RealpeopleRealstories campaign showcases the stories of 10 Realpeople, hosted on, an interactive microsite where people can learn more about the campaign. In collaboration with Creatives Garage, Facebook will also offer webinars for those in the creativity industry, on audience engagement best practices, and how to monetize content on Facebook. 

Commenting on the campaign, Facebook’s Communications Manager for Eastern Africa Janet Kemboi said, “At Facebook, we support and invest in various communities across the continent. One of our key roles is investing and supporting African youth with diverse creative talent. #RealpeopleRealstories aims to encourage people to share their experiences and motivate others to find solutions to everyday challenges. We are delighted to work with Creatives Garage to amplify the untold stories of ordinary people who are inspiring their communities through their work.”  

Creatives Garage Founder and Managing Director Liz Kilili welcomed the partnership saying  it will help equip those in the creative industry in Kenya with the right skills to monetise their content:. “Facebook tools have been beneficial for creative and innovative talent across Africa. Now more than ever, creatives need innovative ways to share content that could provide sustainable income streams. While working on the #RealpeopleRealstories campaign, we pulled together a diverse selection of people from across the creative industry in Kenya. We’re very excited that our team of creators have been given the chance to tell these ten powerful stories. Creatives Garage is looking forward to future partnerships that will benefit the creative industry at large.”

#RealpeopleRealstories is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts in highlighting the successes of people using its platforms. The campaign which runs till December 16th 2020 also highlights how Facebook and Instagram help people stay connected, express themselves, and pursue goals that help build their communities.

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