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Joburg’s newly completed transport hub’s design is welcoming, creative and beautiful

By By Rashiq Fataar

The Johannesburg International Transport Interchange (JITI), an intermodal, long-distance transport hub in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD is now complete.

The JITI is managed by the Johannesburg Development Agency, in partnership with the City’s Transport Department.
The JITI shows how positivity can be  created around public transport spaces in a time where old models are being challenged.

The JITI’s architectural design is welcoming, creative and beautiful, creating a dignified space for public transport commuters, who in the past have never benefited through road infrastructure upgrades. This inspiring design will no doubt contribute immensely to commuters’ overall public realm experience, as they move between the Interchange. Arriving, departing or lingering in the space.

How can we overcome the countless examples of poor urban environments and urban quality associated with many taxi tanks across South African cities?
Improvements to taxi ranks have to include consultations with taxi owners, operators, local municipalities and local commuters to ensure the sustained viability of proposals.

Photo Credits:
Architects: Urban Architects &Urban Designers
Photographs: Lauren Sorensen and Adam Letch
Dance companies:  Joburg Ballet and Dancers Junior Company

.Rashiq Fataar, a director of the Non Governmental organisation Future Cities, is an urbanist, researcher and public speaker.

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