Mixing it up this World Whisky Day with AmaPiano musician and DJ, Fela Le Tee 

By CityLIfe Arts Writer

In celebration of World Whisky Day which was this weekend, Saturday May 21, 2022, , we got up close and personal with AmaPiano musician and DJ, Fela Le Tee . We asked him seven questions to understand what makes the perfect drink or cocktail for him, and how he plans on mixing it up this World Whisky Day.

 CITYLIFE/ARTS: What key ingredient do you look for when choosing a cocktail?

Fela Le Tee   My Favorite cocktail is an Old Fashion so I look for anything that resembles that taste profile.

CITYLIFE/ARTS: What’s your flavor? Sweet, sour, bitter or spicy?

Fela Le Tee: Definitely Bitter

CITYLIFE?ARTS: What’s your go to drink?

Fela Le Tee  : Johnnie Walker Black Label x Tonic water

CITYLIFE?ARTS: What spirit do you enjoy most? Whisky, vodka, brandy or gin

Fela Le Tee  : Whisky

CITYLIFE/ARTS: You’re making a drink to impress your guests, what drink are you preparing for them?

Fela Le Tee  : I would make them a cranberry whisky cocktail (With cherries and Mint garnishing)

CITYLIFE/ARTS: We saw your recent partnership with Johnnie Walker, which variant is your favourite and why?

Fela Le Tee  : Johnnie Walker Gold

CITYLIFE/ARTS: How are you spending your World Whisky Day?

Fela Le Tee  : I will unfortunately be spending World Whisky Day on the road with the team but I know my Johnnie Walker family will be out celebrating at Gemelli Cucina Bar.

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