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Nelson Mandela Foundation launches rights conscious apparel

By CityLife Arts Writer

The nelson Mandela Foundation has just launched an exciting series fo rights based apparel that come in all shapes and sizes called the ZA Goodwill Collection

 The ZA Rights Goodwill Collection isa must-have selection of apparel and has launched as an initiative of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The collection features powerful messages created to celebrate and remind us of our individual rights, and is taking to the streets with an inspiring catalogue which represents the importance of the country’s Bill of Rights. It honours the legacies of Nelson Mandela and a generation of leadership which led struggles for freedom.

The selection of trendy apparel, which will appeal to people of all ages, will stimulate activism, awareness and dialogue concerning equality and freedom for all, as defined by the South African Constitution. The variety of fun and thought-provoking products includes T-shirts, tote bags, journals, water bottles and pencil bags and is available online at

The ZA Rights Goodwill Collection has been carefully curated to remind us all of our rights and obligations as we strive for unity in our diversity.  The campaign aims to expand as an archive covering all our rights from A – Z, with inspiring iconographic fonts and designs that individuals can identify with and personalise. In this way all these fundamental concepts are covered, from freedom of expression, opinion, beliefs and sexual preference, to the right to health care, and gender equality for all, regardless of differences, be they political, religious, racial, academic, gender or wealth related.

Said Kneo Mokgopa from the Nelson Mandela Foundation Communications and Advocacy office:  “Through the 2019 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture with Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, the Nelson Mandela Foundation began exploring ‘constitutionalism as an instrument for transformation’ and investing in questions on constitutionalism more broadly. We developed the ZA Rights campaign as a way of keeping Madiba’s legacy alive, as a way of invigorating a passion and ownership of the Bill of Rights by the people. We wanted to explore ways of engaging with sections of the Constitution in the ongoing work of creating justice and equality, and the campaign does just that.”

By purchasing the products, one is performing an act of goodwill which supports the work the Foundation is doing in keeping Tata’s legacy alive. Join the movement by supporting the ZARights Goodwill Collectioncampaign and wear your rights with pride.

Join in and follow the conversation on social media: @amarightza #ZARights.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on memory, dialogue and legacy work, founded by Nelson Mandela in 1999. We deliver to the world an integrated and dynamic information resource on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, and promote the finding of sustainable solutions to critical social problems through memory-based dialogue interventions.

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