New TV series Ready to Quit puts spotlight on struggle of young people against drug addiction

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A new ground breaking TV series that looks focuses on drug addicts, their struggles against addiction, as well as their journey to recovery has been launched by TV channel Moja Love.

This series follows the lives of 16 addicts in North West province, profiling their lives and their struggles against addiction, as well as their efforts to quit drugs.

The new Moja Love TV series focuses on young people's struggle with addiction Picture/Supplied

 “Prosperita Productions and Moja Love in partnership with Bakgatla Ba Kgafela are pleased to announce the much anticipated READY TO QUIT, a 13 part Television series that profiles young people suffering from nyaope addiction. The series “READY TO QUIT” exposes the agony of addiction for both the person and those in the person’s life. Throughout the series viewers will follow sixteen nyaope addicts as they grapple with nyaope addiction, unhealthy relationships with their families and their journey to recovery,” the producers said in a statement.

Guests attending of new Moja Love Tv series Ready to Quit

Hosted by a recovered drug addict and an ex-offender, Thabang Sefotho he will journey with our characters (addicts) to gain a better understanding of this drug whilst bringing experts in a form of a rehabilitation center which will focus on the gradual four week intense recovery plan for the all the addicts. He will use his own experience and passion to inspire our characters to make positive decisions that will change their lives and that of their families.

Executive Producer and Co-Director, Kea Mokoena commented, “The series is not your stereotypical drug addiction series, but it portrays a realistic version of high functioning addiction, the pain associated with it and destructive power it has on the addicts. We are very excited to be launching this reality format and not only will it expose the dangers and challenges of living with a nyaope, but it will offer real tangible solution in a form rehabilitation and knowledge, “said Mokoena.

Channel Head of Production, Bokang Moyo said, “Ready to Quit shows the daily realities that our communities go through; this scourge has ravaged our children and broken families, we hope to bring to our viewers an honest representation of a nyaope addict and their willingness for help”.

The sixteen character series includes a former youth preacher, a nyaope seller and dealer who lost homes, cars and loved ones; two brothers who are dependent on each other, a former beauty queen and others who found themselves co-existing with this drug. Ready to Quit puts viewers at the center of the story and they will witness and experience each and every emotion that our characters are going through.

In closing Mokoena said, “Community members are fed up with nyaope addicts, and as a result they have lost hope on them, and to make matters worse – the outbreak of covid19 has exposed the rapid face of those addicted and highly dependent on this substance. We however believe everyone deserves a second chance in life and the necessary support to quit this drug”.

Essentially, Ready to Quit is a 13 part series that profiles the lifestyle of individuals suffering from consequences of addiction such as Nyaope and Heroin addiction. It details the hardships of addiction and the process by which our TV host and family instigate intervention with the hope of recovery. The series follows all these individuals and interact with their families through a camera lens. Viewers will journey through their daily experiences, the challenges and detours and see them going through a 4 week rehabilitation process.

Ready to Quit broadcast on Saturdays at 20:30 on Moja Love, channel 157 on the DSTV bouquet.

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    1. I have a brother who is turning 30 this year has passed through a lot he end up smoking dagga which has affected his brain. Our father passed away in 2015 .He is the only brother i have Please i need help

  1. Hello
    I need help with my cousin, she is a method addict, she is always in and out if the hospital because of these things she smokes, she has 2 children
    Can you please help me

  2. My brother is an addict to crystal meth. He’s 40 years old, has a daughter and steals stuff in the house from cellphones, food and clothing just to satisfy his drug addiction. He’s very neat but he needs help.

  3. Hi I need help for my brother who is 21, He is an addict to Cat he stills and they end up beating he went to rehap 2020 but he relapsed I really need help

  4. Good day I have a son who is 28yrs who is smoking crystal meth and steals from us in house and neighborhood my fear is now community him

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