Night Embassy Joburg kicks off from 12 November to 4 December 2021

Night Embassy kicks off with Unmute the City, 12-14 November at Carfax in Newtown

By CityLife Arts Writer

Unmuted. will kick off Night Embassy Joburg on the 12th of November till the 14th of November. Their residency, Unmute The City, will amplify chosen voices and artists at Newtown’s legendary nightlife complex – Carfax. Tickets are R100 or R250 for a 3 day pass on Webtickets. 

Unmuted. started off as an independent record label. Lincoln Long and Draper co-founded this company because they felt the need to take over their own management. Their small label has now morphed into a network of future thinking entities such as Unmuted. Live through which they host events and Unmuted. Radio which aims to give a voice to the unheard.

Lincoln Long says, “The Unmuted. Night Embassy residency will be dedicated to the unheard – the ones that are [told] to wait for their big break. Giving them a voice is what it means to “Unmute The City.””

“So it’s out with the old, in with the next”, promises Draper. “Over a three-day exhibition of culture, we will curate a festival of “after-hour creators”, from DJs to rappers, soul singers to visual artists, food connoisseurs to mesmerising mixologists, Unmuted. will reinvent Joburg nightlife.

Joining Lincoln Long and Draper on stage will be their collaborators Viwe, Thulo, Farai, Kevi Kev, Fiflaa, Nikki Newlands and Kat Upendi. Lincoln Long says there will be, “A few more unexpected special guests we can’t quite reveal as yet. You see, we will be unearthing and shedding light on the unheard voices we believe to be the leaders of next. We will be giving Joburg party goers a brand new way of experiencing live performances compared to the mundane same ol’ line-ups.”

Day one and two of “Unmute The City” will work as a symbiotic programme called; “The Sounds Of Next”. The first day’s programme will explore the African Voice. “Here we ask; what does the African Voice say and sound like in the future,” explains Draper.  “On Day two, we will then investigate the ‘Instrumentation Of Africa’. These will be the afro-futuristic sounds, melodies, notes, tones and instruments that will push the world forward.”

Lincoln Long continues, “Finally, on Day three we will focus on the independent game changers of the future. This day is dedicated to showcasing the talents that have been building fan bases, releasing undeniable music, yet [are] still getting overlooked. We will provide a platform for I.C.O.Ns (Independent Curators Of Next) “.

Unmuted. chose Carfax on 39 Gwigwi Mrwebi street in Newtown as their venue because they see it as one of South Africa’s most iconic venues. “Over the years it has housed South African musical legends and helped them carve their name into our history. What better way to pass the baton to the next generation than by giving them the same stage their icons started on,” says Draper. “Johannesburg will remember where they first saw them.”

On the major impact that Night Embassy has had on the duo, Draper says: “Besides the obvious financial injection, being an ambassador has and is providing us with new ways of thinking and working that we would not have been exposed to. The support from Night Embassy and Jägermeister will help us bring to life what we always thought was impossible. This unique opportunity allows us to be in new spaces and conversations that will help further our mission to unmute as many people as we can.”

Lincoln Long adds: “This has been an absolute dream. It almost feels like a cliche how perfect it is. Through this experience we have been exposed to so much that we didn’t know and at the same time we’ve been made to feel and be more confident in what we do know. Jägermeister and the Creative Board have helped us understand our brand and ourselves on a deeper level and that is something we just cannot put a price on.”

The Unmuted. residency will unfold over a period of three days: 


We examine sound and voice through African pioneers of vocals, all set in a visually stimulating, interactive space. This is an exploration of ‘Voices of Africa’.


We investigate the Afro-futuristic sounds, notes, tones and instruments, and what this will mean for the world. We focus on the ‘Instrumentation of Africa’. 


We provide a stepping stone to talents who have unmuted themselves.

The public can experience all four residencies; full details below:


Main Residency Name: Unmute the City

Dates: 12th – 14th November 2021

Venue: Carfax,

39 Gwigwi Mrwebi St, Newtown, Johannesburg, 2113

Tickets: R100 per day, R250 for a 3 day pass. 

Ticket Link: Unmute The City: The Curators Of Next giving a voice to the unheard 

Other Village People

Main Residency Name: Queertopia

Dates: 18th – 20th November 2021

Venue: Constitution Hill, 

11 Kotze St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001

Tickets: R100 per day, R250 for a 3 day pass. 


Main Residency Name: Kaofela Kaofela

Dates: 26th – 28th November 2021

Venue: White House,

Msimanga St, Meadowlands East Zone 5, Meadowlands East, Soweto, 1852

Tickets: R50 per day, R150 for a 3 day pass. 


Main Residency Name: Groove Biennale

Dates: 1st – 4th December 2021

Venue: Megalo, Alexandra

57 4th St, Marlboro, Sandton, 2063

Tickets: R100 per day, R250 for a 3 day pass. 

Night Embassy by Jägermeister is a residency programme centred around ‘Freiraum’, a space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity.   

Jägermeister South Africa’s Culture and Experiential Marketing Manager, Bea Theron, says of the residencies: 

Each residency will be tailored to the experience of its participants. With educational lectures, hands-on workshops and expert guidance to help cultivate their career in music, the arts, and events onwards, the programme aims to equip each Ambassador with the inspiration, technical know-how and practical support to transform their creative practice and progress Johannesburg’s nightlife. Under the curatorial direction of each Ambassador, Night Embassy will also be a public showcase of their work, putting them in charge of a day-to-night programme with collaborators and mediums of their choice.

The Ambassadors have been given a blank canvas to explore their chosen topics and concepts with the support of the Night Embassy Creative Board, five renowned figures known for their contributions to South Africa’s arts, events and music culture: Veteran event producer, business strategist and venue owner Theresho Selesho; designer, artist and creative director extraordinaire Jana Hamman; LGBTQI pioneer, DJ and content creator Lelowhatsgood; skate scene champion and filmmaker Day Marumo and amapiano centred talent management agency owner Thuli Keupzz.

Stay updated: For more information about Night Embassy by Jägermeister, log onto, or follow @nightembassyjhb on Instagram.

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