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Vincent Zimu releases love songs

By CityLife Arts Writer

Multi-talented Afro-soul, house vocalist Vincent Zimu’s released a new album titled Ng’khetha Wena – inspired by love, and celebrating the “Sound of Africa”, on the 30th of September 2020 celebrating Heritage Month.He launched his new album with a bang as it was in the top three South African Twitter Trends List on the morning of the release. The album which features hits like Ng’khethaWena (title track), Nguban’ owathi featuring. J Musical, and Thambo lam is available on all major streaming platforms. Zimu’s sound is unique in that it is the perfect blend of afro-soul meets house, and his new album signifies just that. His exceptional and emotional vocals merging perfectly with the catchy rhythms. This is his second album, his first being Broken Skull Ep which he released in October 2019.

Zimu is a music producer, vocalist, songwriter, performer and  entrepreneur born in Vezubuhle / Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga, based in Johannesburg  Zimu is an Afro-soul, house vocalist. His musical journey began in 2008. Since then, he has made a name for himself and collaborated with the likes of Mpumalanga Gospel Expo, Afro Brothers, Mono T, Trade Mark, Bongi& Collen, Mr Style, Cariiro, Sizwe Magwaza, and Hassan Green from the USA. Since his early childhood his passion has always been music, and being “the voice of African”. His diverse inspiration of sound is Umbhaqanga that speaks the true African Sound.

The album Ng’KethaWena was inspired by love as most of the songs talk about love. Zimu says he chose the month of September to launch this album because September is a beautiful month, full of new chapters and new life, and this is a new chapter for him as an artist. His favourite song on the album is Ng’khethaWena.  “When people listen to this album, I want them to feel love, dedication and the time I put into every song, because each song has a message”, he says.

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