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#Yeo-vilites Waars Was Jy planned reunion at Zoo Lake attracts interest from former residents of Yeoville

The pictures we missed: Thembi is not Arabi and Arabi will never be Thembi, and now figure out who these people are

B y Edward Tsumele

We knew from the beginning that we were going to miss only that one thing and that is it. And how would one start to think that you were still going to identify people you might have seen 15, even 30 years ago, and by now they are no longer the people that you knew, both physically and also by way of their stand point in life by way of profession, their personal status and even their ideology.

If they thought then, 30 years ago, Alexandra was in Sandton, well they now know, there is a difference between the two settlements: the one wants to be left alone, and the other one wants to be involved in the life of the other. You figure it out why is that so.

When we ran a feature about Yeoville and its constantly shifting fortunes since time immemorial Yesterday, November 26, 2020, , we knew very well that we would touch a raw nerve, and the response was going to be massive. Predictably that is what happened yesterday, after publishing an in depth feature about the potential Yeoville had then, of being a model suburb of what the new South Africa could be.

That is especially so because Yeovilites, at least people who were there, when it was the model suburb for what the new South Africa could be post 1994, were going to respond in big numbers and strongly so. They actually did. It did not help matters when we incorrectly captioned the image of our old Friend from Yeoville Ousi Thembi as the late Arabi Mocheke (sorry Ousie Thembi.

The late Yeoville veteran Arabi Mocheke

No malice intended as the mistake was made out of excitement that we are re connecting again after so many years – our apologies – you are not Arabi and Arabi will never be like you, as both of you are just that – you/ Accept our since apologies). Now that that issue, captioning incorrectly Thembi as Arabi is out of the way, the people who will be going to the planned Yeoville re-union under the tag line #WAAR Was Jy, at Zooo Lake on Saturday, must als

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