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Artists can now apply for funding in Gauteng

2nd Phase of Relief Fund applications reopens for Individual Applicants

By Edward Tsumele

Funding applications are now open to individual artists at Gauteng  Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation as the provincial government  looks to get its sectors up and running again, after the devastation of Covid 19.

This latest opening for applications followed another one announced in May by the same department to assist artists, technical staff and sports people in the province whose income was affected by the outbreak of the global pandemic.

 The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation is once more reopening the window of opportunity, targeting individuals to apply for the sector Relief Fund. This second phase, is earmarked for individuals running programmes within the sectors of sport, recreation, culture and creative industries, also targeting those at local and community level, the provincial department said yesterday. 

  Only Gauteng based individuals with projects that are implemented within the province can apply on or before closing date on 30 October 2020. 

 “Sport and the arts have been some of those most affected by lockdown restrictions, hence the department wants to scale-up its intervention efforts, especially for those with limited or no assistance.

 “We have previously received applications but unfortunately a lot of people couldn’t apply because of lockdown regulations which restricted their movements. Now that we are on level 1, we believe a lot of people will now have a chance to apply and not only those with access to resources including online platforms as it were”, says Gauteng MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Mbali Hlophe.

 Meanwhile, Hlophe will, from Monday, 12 October 2020, tour the 5 Gauteng regions to meet various stakeholders within the arts and sport. This, she’ll do to provide more information on the Fund and how individuals can apply. She will be accompanied by her counterparts in the municipalities including MMCs of sport, arts and recreation.

“We want our efforts to also reach individuals and programmes in need within communities, where in many instances there are limited facilities. Many of these will be faced with challenges of the new normal following the Covid19 regulations. We want as many people as possible to apply so that we can begin to resuscitate the sectors including our structures”, added MEC Hlophe.

 The Relief Fund applications are managed and finalised in consultation with the Gauteng Sport Confederation; relevant sport Federations; the Recreation Industry and the Gauteng Arts and Culture Council based on the set criteria.

 The following may apply:


Athletes, coaches, fitness industry, recreational sector, technical support services, event managers and coordinators, sport and recreational administrators including at informal level.

Arts and Culture:

Performing Artists: Musicians, Visual Artists, Crafters/Jewelery Designers, Fashion Designers, Art Administrators/Practitioners, Technical Support Services, Event Managers and Coordinators,  individuals  in the film & TV industry including at informal level.

 Application forms are obtainable on: or and can be submitted either online on physically at 35 Rissik Street, Surrey House Building; Corner Fox Street JHB and our Corridor Offices across the province.

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