Bonang Mohale’s book launch attracts massive crowd

By Edward Tsumele

It was a first on the country’s literary landscape, a book launch that took five hours instead the normal 1 hour that defines a common feature of book launches, and we love the experience too.

This happened this happened this week on Tuesday at Constitution Hill  during the launch of business leader Bonang Mohale’s  new book on business leadership.

After an interesting presentation, Professor Mohale had to deal with a long queue of book lovers, which formed as people waited for their opportunity to have their book signed by this influential business leader. The queue resembled the one, one often sees at say Home Affairs offices or these days of Covid-19-grants for the unemployed at post offices around the country.

Mohale of course signed every single book that was purchased. If there is one thing about him, his crusade on ethical leadership  has found traction with  a number of South Africans tired of the often common story of corruption and general lack of ethics among some leaders in the country, both in business and politics.

And here is his story: Behold the turtle – he only makes progress when his neck is stuck out. This proverb, included in Bonang Mohale’s best-selling first book, Lift As You Rise, sets the tone for his second book, which includes fresh insights and
wisdom from one of South Africa’s best-loved leaders. As a change agent, defender of democracy and a social justice activist, Bonang continues to stick his own neck out, addressing issues of key societal importance. This
book expands on issues of leadership, resilience, ethics and social justice – sounding a call for change. Never one to avoid tough issues, Bonang tackles the role that business, institutions of higher learning and other organisations need to play in creating South Africa’s future, as well as the risk and responsibility required of each of us as individuals.

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