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Celebrating radio milestone

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5FM DJ Kid Fonque celebrated 200 shows on 5FM this week with an interview with award-winning DJ and producer Louie Vega. The DJ behind the popular Selective Styles show on Sundays (17:00 -19:00) joined the station in 2016 as part of a music-focused campaign for specialist DJs on the weekend. The project was called The Weekender5 (pronounced Weekenders) and Kid, along with Kyle Cassim and DJ Loyd became the new kids on the block. Fast forward to 2020 and Kid’s Selective Styles has grown a strong following, with the show trending on social media every weekend and many calling for the show to be extended, simply because of the quality of tracks Kid Fonque has introduced them to.  

Kid Fonque has become a vital part of South African electronic music and club culture over the last 20 years. Rather than following trends, he has always done things his own way. Which is the reason why he is so revered within the entertainment industry.

We asked him a few questions about his journey at 5FM.

 Q: Congratulations on your 200th show on 5FM! Can you share with us your thoughts on your journey on the station since joining?  

Kid Fonque: When I got offered the show on 5FM I was very excited but I had a clear vision of what I was into and what a show like mine would sound like, so I made it very clear that if I was getting a slot it had to be done my way.  Fortunately, management agreed and the rest is history.  I have been curating and cherry-picking my guests since day one and I have found my tribe of listeners that want to hear new music and be introduced to some of the most creative producers in the country.

Q: Your show trends every weekend on social media. It’s also been referred to as the most “Un-shazamable” show in SA, what is your philosophy when it comes to putting the show together and creating sets whether it’s in the studio or on the decks?  

Kid Fonque: I was raised listening to specialist radio shows from the BBC and if you were a good DJ you were able to have a network of people sending you incredible music to break on the platform.  To me that was always what made a good DJ, having an influence on your listeners.  I have been in the record business for over 20 years and I use my network locally and globally to source the freshest music weekly.  I really make sure I am on point when it comes to new content and up and coming producers and that really comes across on Selective Styles.  

Q: What’s been some of your most memorable moments on air? 

Kid Fonque: So many! I have managed to have guest interviews from artists I listened to growing up like Bonobo, Louis Vega, Atjazz etc.  But I treat every show with so much care that each show is memorable in its own way.  I am really passionate about radio and am aware of the responsibility it gives me as a broadcaster, so I respect that and create the best content I can every week.

Q:  What do you think sets you apart from other DJs?  

Kid Fonque: I don’t follow trends or generic top 20’s.  I want to be the DJ that breaks tunes and feel it is my responsibility to do so.  I know I have a good ear for music – across genres – and I make sure that I am brave in my selections. If I feel it, it gets played and that has been the winning formula.

Q: What kind of music did you grow up listening to and how do you think it’s shaped you today in your work?  

I grew up in a home filled with music.  My dad was a big muso and into all sorts of music.  I followed his passion for music but also in his passion for unearthing music. Throughout my many years working in the music business I found my path and my DJ’ing skills and it all came together.  

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