Fashion parade is the other show at Miss South Africa crowning

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

Everyone who has been to the Miss South African pageant knows that besides the show on stage such as musical performances and speeches by dignitaries leading eventually to the crowning, there is the other equally important show  that will be taking place at the same time  during these festivities.

That show takes place from the time guests arrive and walk the red carpet and at the after party as many a guest sees it fit to change their wardrobe for the two events. The fashionable ones carry two outfits for the two events, and that is how serious Miss South Africa is taken in some fashion quarters. Watching such events from the side lines, they become a spectacle of monumental proportions sometimes. 

It is a show within a show If you like, and those who were at the crowning of Ndavi Nokeri, the beauty from Limpopo crowned the brand new Miss South Africa at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria on Saturday, August 13, 2022, will tell.

In fact If one had just fallen from the skies right into the middle of a Miss South Africa event, they would be excused to imagine that they are at a fashion parade ad guests really make an effort to dress up. The look for outfits that attempt to define not only the event, but their personality a well. It even gets more complicated sometimes. Especially for those partners who like wearing matching outfits. It is not unheard of to hear of fashion misses at such events.

However on Saturday at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria, there were no such fashion chaos as these pictures by our Eyes and Ears at the event Corol Maluleke, who did not hesitate to whip out her phone to capture moments of fashion elegance demonstrate. And because thankfully the weather was great, the ladies did not shy away from showing a bit of flesh. Have a look at these fashionable people at the event.  PICTURES BY CAROL MALULEKE.

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