Imithwalo is a dance song that will stir something spiritual within your soul

By Edward Tsumele

There is one thing about music and its relationship with people, and that is that If a song is for you, it immediately connects with you the very same moment you hear it for the first time. No over thinking or analyzing, just lending your ears to the song will do the trick.

This is what I felt yesterday, August 16, 2021, when I received this surprise single from a producer called DJ Rooted. And just for the record, I had not heard his sound before, and neither did I know about him before. But the moment I heard this one, I immediately knew that this one is for my ears. I especially love the drums and their rhythm on this single. Though I am not generally a fan of house music, there are exceptions to my taste, especially when it comes to deep house. This single has the capability to stir some spiritual energy in a listener. Now house music in general terms, is simply for those who like to show their dance moves on the dance floor, but there are some certain sub-genres within house music that lend themselves to listening first and then once  is hooked on the ear, the music pushes you to start dancing to it, either by simply steadily moving head in a repetitive fashion in appreciation, or actually hitting the dance floor.

This one falls neatly into that category, and am sure that many will find this singe palatable, If not wholly their musical ears. It actually did the trick with my ears, and even stirred something spiritual within me.

And here is the story about this DJ Rooted that you need to know, especially if your musical tastes is inclined towards deep house, this should do for you.

Rooted drops new tribal house single Imithwalo

DJ, producer, singer and; songwriter Rooted real name Brian Letsoalo, has released this  new single that is sure to cause a stir on the poular music scene currently dominated by a new dance genre called Amapiano.

The single titled Imithwalo is a long-awaited single from the versatile artist since he was focusing on his production work over the past few years.

The single is a cry to a spiritual mentor to assist someone with the burdens that comes with being bestowed with the healing gifts , while the beat pays homage to the drums of the spiritual realm.

“I’ve been working in the industry commercially for over a decade now honing my skills in studio, on remixes and producing for well known artists. I have been building my brand and learning so much to get me to this stage of my career, where I’m comfortable with my skills set and sound. I hope this single touches many lives,”  he says.

Born and bred in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Rooted says he is glad to be releasing music again , not only as a producerand DJ, but also as an artist.

He has worked with some of the most celebrated music industry names such as Bob Ezy and DJ Game SA, among others.

The single is available for purchase on all digital stores beginning this  August 2021.

However not having known about this DJ is just my sheer ignorance when it comes to house music, because the truth is, as it were, he actually has been around for sometime, and he even has good highlights in the entertainment sector.

Career Highlights:

.2012: Soul Candi Remix Competition for Bob Ezy & Bevan Godden's Summer Rain Michael Ashley

.2014: Metro FM Awards nomination for featuring on Soul Cand’s Africa Africa Vol. 1 &; 2.

.2018: SABC1’ Remix Show Competition remixing producer

.2016 to 2018: Partner Host of Mams Arts Festival @ Moretele Park

Connect with Rooted on social media:

Twitter: @RootedMuzik

Facebook: @Rooted Imithwalo

Tik Tok: @Rooted_sa

Instagram: @Rooted_gruvking

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