Latitudes’ annual exhibition Reshape features 60 women artists’ works

By Edward Tsumele, CITYLIFE/ARTS Editor

If you happen to be looking for women contemporary artists from the African continent, you probably do not need to look further than Latitudes Online because the platform this week, starting on September 14, 2022, launched its annual exhibition focussing on women artists. This exhibition is a collaborative effort between Latitudes Online and ANNA Pure Organic and this group exhibition features 60 women artists and the chances is that you may find what you are looking for there.

Essentially Reshape 22 is an annual, online survey exhibition that seeks to augment the visibility of contemporary women-identifying artists in Africa. The group show, which features works by 60 artists, aims to highlight powerful women-identifying voices on the continent and empower a collective whose narrative has been underplayed and neglected throughout history, all while still taking intersectional theory into consideration.

For ease of navigation, the curators have grouped the exhibition into different themes, making it easy for collectors to focus on their specific theme of interest.

“Reshape envisions a more comprehensive and inclusive art canon for future generations,” says Lucy MacGarry, director at Latitudes Online. “The exhibition aims to highlight a contemporary view of female-identifying practices that is not based on any single narrative of womanhood, but rather explores the vital contributions of women making art, in relation to the compelling issues that define our times,” says exhibition co-curator Nina Carew.

Reshape probes what unites the artists by evaluating similarities in their practices and identifying five themes that are prevalent in their work at this current moment,”the platforms says.

 The themes for 2022 are as follows:

Materiality covers a broad range of artists, where the materials of their artwork strongly influence and inform their meaning. This theme also draws near to and focuses on the process in which the works are made, and how the softness of materials, processes and creative expression filter into the emotive response we feel as the viewer.

Featured artists: Amy Rusch, Diane Webb, Sophia van Wyk, Sanell Aggenbach, Sepideh Mehraban, Tzung-Hui Lauren Lee, Motlhoki Nono, Balekane Legoabe, Hemali Khoosal, Anushka Kempken, Elize Vossgatter, Liza Grobler, Gabrielle Guy, Nadia Raaths, Anna Sango, Charlae Baragwanath-Barter, Chelsea Selvan, Ana Pather, Hedwig Barry, Io Makandal

Portraiture offers a space of self-defined identity and representation, whether that be self-portraiture or stories of womanhood told by women.

Featured artists: Olivie Keck, Zama Mhlanga Spellman, Nadine Mathenjwa, Lea Colombo, Bria Fernandes, Sinalo Ngcaba, Lerato Khumalo, Cinthia Sifa Mulanga,Nomande Kanada, Zana Masombuka, Tshepiso Moropa

The Female Gaze offers a reclamation of power (seen through composition, subject matter and direct eye contact) by women. This theme also touches on spaces where women are still at the mercy of traditional power structures and bodily violences too.

Featured artists: Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali, Lungile Ngcobo, Martha Kubele, Boitumelo Lamola, Jody Brand, Kay-Leigh Fisher, Sharlene Kahn, Malebona Maphutse,Thembi Mthembu, Lebo Thoka

Nature and sustainability centres around works that pertain to the environment, environmental changes, to the cyclical nature of birth and decay as well as works that are organic in their subject matter or materiality.

Featured artists: Ronel de Jager, Soliana Tewolde, Jo Roets, Anna van der Ploeg, Adele van Heerden, Tamara Osso

The Body as a Vessel references works associated with the female form and is a soft play of the relation between nature and the body. The body as a vessel also relates strongly to womanhood as sexuality, from the making and birthing of children, and the strong intergenerational connection between mother and daughter.

Featured artists: Lerato Nkosi, Farhana Jacobs, Mellaney Roberts, Maroula Lambis,

Ellena Lourens, Olwethu de Vos, Fiona Davhana, Mariette Momberg, Gugulethu Nguni

Reshape 22 runs on Latitudes Online from 14 September to 14 October. The show is presented by Latitudes Online and ANNA Pure Organic.

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