Mfundo Mthiyane declared Artist of the Month 

By CityLife Arts Writer

Johannesburg  based  contemporary visual artist Mfundo Mthiyane has been declared Artist of the Month of September by the Southern African Federation For Contemporary Art (SAFFCA). This means that the spotlight is on him and his art practice and collectors  have an opportunity to buy the art works  that are displayed .

About his work, the artist has this to say:

“I believe that doing my passion (painting) is how I thank God for this precious gift called life and also it’s a medium which helps me discover a way of life to be a better person. I use people that I know as models sometimes I am a model. Symbols and totems from around the globe are included in these pieces. It is influenced by surrealism, classical paintings and old masters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio. I take inspiration from books, allegories, mythology, philosophy and everything that resonates with me I try to interpret that through my work.” – says Mfundo.

Hair Beauty. Oil on canvas. 53 cm x 77 cm. 2020
The Goddess of Peace, Love and Harmony. Oil on canvas. 84 cm x 120 cm. 2020
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2 thoughts on “Mfundo Mthiyane declared Artist of the Month 

  1. Wonderful news. Mfundo Mthiyane . He is an artist with an immense power and ability to convey meaning and emotion. I love the stillness, the force of his works.
    Bravo Mfundo!

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