Morakane Mosupyoe unveils R1b budget allocation for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation for Gauteng

By CityLIfe Arts Writer

MEC Morakane Mosupyoe tabled the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation budget at the Gauteng Legislature ON Friday. The department will utilise its budget allocation of just over R1 billion with arts and sports, as a lead in the drive towards economic empowerment and social transformation in the province.

In the seating attended by stakeholders including Netball SA players together with the Netball World Cup Mascot Letsatsi; and several professional soccer teams, MEC Mosupyoe delivered her maiden budget vote at the Gauteng Legislature. “This budget will help cement the position of Gauteng as the Home of Champions where sport and the arts are felt and seen in the forefront of our agenda towards growing Gauteng together for our citizens,” said MEC Morakane Mosupyoe.

The allocation of R1 089 937 billion for the year 2023/2024 is according to MEC Mosupyoe “aimed at expediting service delivery through strategic interventions to:

  • Uplift township libraries and sporting facilities to enable them to host international events.
  • Refurbish township sporting and recreational facilities.
  • Invest in sports and recreation to build a home of champions.
  • Invest in the cultural and creative industries.
  • Preserve and promote our heritage”.

Cultural Affairs- R194 790 million                   

Cultural Affairs received an allocation of R194 790 million which will be used by the programme to identify, develop, support, and promote the arts; and to Preserve, protect, and support heritage resources in the provinces.

The department will continue to support the sector through resources including funding. “We will continue to fund arts and culture holiday programmes and provide financial support to organisations through Grants-in-Aid.  We will also continue to provide financial support to the signature, major community arts, children’s theatre and dance programmes and cultural events. These are not just parties as others would want us to believe, but significant events that promote, support and drive cultural programs and activities in Gauteng, which drive social cohesion and nation building,” added Mosupyoe.

Libraries and Archival Services- R328 841million

The Library and Archive Services allocation is R328 841 million towards the construction of new and operation of community libraries across Gauteng, which provide access to knowledge, resources and service the needs of individuals and groups for education, information and personal development.

Sport and Recreation- R365 831 million          

With the increase in the participation of sporting events; sport and recreation is receiving an allocation of R365 831 million towards creating an enabling environment for further growth and success in sport and recreation.

“The budget will go towards building sports facilities in our Early Childhood Development facilities; revamping of our infrastructure in our Township Informal Settlements and Hostel (TISH) areas; School Sport (and Wednesday league); and Wellness programmes.”

Lastly, an allocation of R200 475 million will go towards administration to provide innovative and integrated strategic support services and good governance.

“We are committed to stabilizing the senior management team at the top, with the appointment of the HOD, CFO and other senior, management roles that are currently occupied through acting capacity. We will be filling these vacancies, and other vacancies to stabilise the organization at the top, and across the whole organization,” says the MEC.

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