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NAC announces funding results for artists

The waiting for the results of the adjudication of the National Arts Council (NAC) Covid-19 applications results is over. The state agency that has been created in 1996 to specifically fund the arts in the country announced the results of the successful applicants yesterday, June 30. And as is often the case, there will be celebrations by those whose applications have been successful, and at the same time tears shed by those that have not been okayed. For those whose applications have been successful, the funding will come handy as the arts sector has been severely affected by the rampant coronavirus, which has reduced a good number of artists to begging for their survival as for most they cannot earn a living during the current lockdown. Art galleries, theatres, concerts, and festivals are currently curtailed during the current Level 3 lockdown as not more than 50 people are allowed to congregate and social distancing must at all times be observed.

This latest funding was specifically targeted at projects and artists who work is COVID-19 compliant, meaning that the project once funded is implementable during the current lockdown to curtail the chances of infections during the project activities. The NAC was forced to call for applications twice this year as it was forced to revise its first call for funding as it did not take into account the unfolding tragedy of the coronavirus in our midst the first time it made the call.

“The National Arts Council hereby announces the names of successful applicants for project funding applications which closed on 19 June 2020.  Funding is conditional upon the applicants’ completion of outstanding administrative requirements and conditions. Grant notification letters to successful applicants will be sent in due course,” the council announced in a short statement yesterday.

Rosemary Mangope | Chief Executive Officer of NAC

The NAC is headed by its current chief executive officer Rosemary Mangope. Taking only two weeks to make its funding decision this time around, this must rank as one of the shortest time that the agency needed to adjudicate on applications for funding in its history. This no doubt will stick in the minds of artists, who will rightfully so, expect the funding agency to emulate this example going forward. It sometimes takes make for the NAC to make a decisions on funding, leading to unhappiness by those who apply for financial assistance for arts projects.

.For a list of successful applicants go to the link.

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