Nova Pioneer matriculants sell every art work on offer during fundraiser auction

By CityLife Arts Writer

Nova Pioneer matriculants recently hosted their inaugural Colour Fest, which attracted an overwhelming turnout of over 750 community members and Novaneers. Despite being novice event planners, Nova Pioneer matriculants truly lived up to their school mantra, “a school for leaders and innovators.”

They conceptualised and successfully executed the fundraiser gathering proceeds towards their Matric dance. The dual purpose event (have fun and raise funds) was a true demonstration of common purpose and ‘teamwork making the dream work.’

With so many options for the day’s events, it was the ideal outing for families, friends, and alumni. A variety of products from local businesses were available for purchase, children were given their own play area, students demonstrated their robotics skills, and there were activities for all ages including face painting, and a customised photo booth.

 “A rainbow at the end of the storm” is an apt metaphor for the main event (colour run), the colourful bursts and happy faces were well worth the work put in by the class of 2022-after almost three years of no contact events it was great to witness all that cheerful activity.

A sold-out art auction of student work was held near the end, eager bidders took home the beautiful pieces by Novaneers-and the day was capped off with a cake cutting to commemorate Nova Pioneer’s 8 years of shaping leaders of the African century.

Those in attendance couldn’t contain their joy, if anything, the event could have been longer; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. seemed too short for all that fun. The class of 2022 set the bar high, we look forward to meeting in 2023.

About Nova Pioneer

Nova Pioneer Education Group is a Pan-African independent school network that builds and operates world-class, affordable education, offering students grades from preschool through to secondary. The Nova Pioneer vision is to transform the lives and career paths of students and equip them for success and to enable them to lead change in Africa and around the globe in the 21st century. The school’s unique learning approach equips students with the skills to problem-solve, to innovate, to lead and prepare them to be globally competitive; ready to go forth and create the world that they envision, and not simply exist in the one they find themselves now. Nova Pioneer is currently operational in both South Africa and Kenya and will have 15 schools in Kenya and South Africa by 2023.

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