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State Theatre and Luthando Arts Academy collaborate to present Trilogy by Luyanda Sidiya

Trailblazing influence of the cultural and creative industry.

By CityLife Arts Writer

This Heritage Month, the South African State Theatre in collaboration with Luthando Arts Academy will be presenting a trilogy by internationally renowned Choreographer Luyanda Sidiya from 9 to 26 September 2021. The trilogy features Sidiya’s critically acclaimed works: Umnikelo (offering), Siva and Amawethu. Its showcase will take place at Luthando Arts Academy, co-founded by Sidiya and Thoko Seganye, and  situated in a peri-urban location in Sebokeng.

Sidiya comments: “These three full length works are part of the decoloniality project, which we decided to use as a vehicle to conscientize and restore the value of African works. Come join us in celebrating this month of Heritage and enjoy the crucible of indigenous knowledge systems.”

Umnikelo 9-12 September

Umnikelo speaks to the act of wilful submission towards a deity or a force transcending physical comprehension. “We yield ourselves to our god(s) in poured-out submission, offering our very being over in wrapped converse with our Source.” This work, will, for the first time, enjoy the presence of the world-renowned singer Buhlebendalo Mda.

Siva 16-19 September

 Sivainvestigates individual internal conflicts – “As human beings tangle in our own disorder, disruption, and disassociation we constantly yearn for that which guides us to completeness, to oneness. We are in constant search within ourselves.” This offering will feature Billy Langa, Choreographer, Writer and Director of the acclaimed “Tswalo”.

 Amawethu 23-26 September

 Amawethutells a human story that seeks to rectify, more so, reclaim who we are as a people from our culture and customs – and the distortions that predate the African slave trade that led us to believe that our own spirituality had a demonic, pagan, uncivilized, barbaric and godless origin.

About Luthando Arts Academy

Luthando Arts Academy identifies as an institute bent on a quest to empower the African child, by focusing its ideology on the influence of the cultural and creative industry by celebrating African heritage through its two key products; education, training and development in the arts and the creation of original dance theatre works. The organisation has diversified its profile over the years, retaining its mandate as both a producer and employer.

Trilogy tickets are available on webtickets, available online and over the counter at Pick n Pay stores. For more information please contact; +27 71 221 5123.

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