The future of leadership is collegiality, writes top businessman Mike Teke in new book

By Edward Tsumele

He has paid his dues in some of the country’s leading companies proving himself to be a leader of stature and quality. Now he has published a book that is aimed at imparting leadership qualities to those who would like to emulate him in South African corporate boardroom.

The book written in an easy to follow format and which goes straight to the point when it comes to what one needs to be a successful leader will be useful especially to those who would like to follow his path. But it is also a book that could be used by anyone in a leadership position in any sector.

Here we are talking about business leader and top businessman Mike Teke.  His path to the top of some of the country’s leading companies that he worked for and he founded is a path worth emulating. Luckily Teke is happy to share his knowledge, experience and the tricks of how one can navigate the often tough terrain of business leadership.

‘I believe the world has moved on to a phase where we now appreciate collegiality.

In my view the current generation of successful leaders will not be seen as heroes

who dominate the boardroom with ruthlessness, but as heroes who can combine

collegiality with fast and decisive decision-making and collaborative teamwork,” he says.

Teke in The Future of Leadership is Collegiality generously shares some of his insights on leadership and the approaches that have made him successful.

Teke believes that young leaders emulate and mimic experienced leaders –

 whether the habits they are copying are right or not so right. This happens because young leaders search for ways and means to be recognised, advance in their careers, or be seen as impressive leaders.

He discusses concepts such as collegiality, fraternisation, ingratiation and self-respect, and illustrates his ideas with examples of South African and world leaders.

On his own journey towards becoming a powerful leader, it was inculcated in him that one had to be ‘tough and ruthless’ in their approach to leading. However, times have moved on and the game has changed!

To be effective and deliver consistently in business, Teke has realised that collegiality is the way of the future. “There is no need to scream at others, bang tables or use foul language!.” He believes that collegiality works everywhere – as long as one is willing to lead effectively.

This book belongs on the desks of every existing and aspiring entrepreneur, CEO and manager, after all we are talking about someone who has the track record in business leadership to back his assertions in The Future of Leadership is Collegiality.

About Mike Teke

Mike Teke  has gained extensive experience in people, business management and leadership at

BHP and Impala, as well as while CEO of Optimum Coal Holdings (prior to it being taken

over by Glencore). He is the CEO of Seriti Resources Holdings, which he co-founded in

2018, Chairperson and controlling shareholder of the Masimong Group, and serves as

Chair/Non-Executive Director at the Anchor Group and Rolfes Group.

Teke was also the Vice President of the Chamber of Mines in South Africa between 2011/12 and subsequently became the President from 2013 to 2017.

Book details

Publisher: Tracey McDonald Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-998958-65-8

Format: Paperback

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