The only Black Indian eatery in Maboneng serving flavourful food with a hint of spice

By Edward Tsumele

There is an eatery that you may have to consider If you happen to be within the proximity of the Maboneng District, East of Johannesburg, 22 Albrecht Street and it is called The Black Indian. It’s the only place in that area, where you will be able to enjoy an authentic Indian curry which is found daily in most Indian homes. At least that is what the co-founders of The Black Indian told me when I was there on Easter Monday. The music in the restaurant was, basically contemporary popular music from the African continent, loud but not to disturb your experience of your flavourful authentic Indian meal a factor I liked as I do not like loud music in eateries.

The eatery was first located at the iconic Fire Truck  Fire Restaurant at the corner of Fox Street Fox  late last year. . Now Jonathan Naicker and his sister Abigail Kisten have found a new place not far from where they traded last year, In the mix of eateries going by several themes from Ethiopian to African traditional food, at least The Black Indian has brought in a brand new fusion of flavours and spices to this area.

“My journey began almost 12 years ago when I relocated to Johannesburg. My craving for  home food pushed me to experiment with my mom’s recipes to create familiar flavours. My colleagues at work were intrigued by the aroma of my lunch box and persuaded me into selling lunch meals.  I did this for a period of two years while looking for a better opportunity to operate on a large scale. My family and I enjoyed the vibe in Maboneng, mixing with different cultures and have the same taste in music and traditional food. My sister Abigail Kisten also ran a roti and catering business in Durban before she relocated. We then joined forces and embarked on a mission to bring our spice and flavour into the inner city,” Jonathan told CITYLIFE/ARTS in an interview before adding:.

 “So far the interest has been great and some of the people who come here have wondered why we are called Black Indian. The answer is simple. We love the black culture, from food to music and have added our own spice and flavour to some traditional African dishes that you can find on our menu,” states Abigail Kisten. There you have it.

While I was there, I enjoyed a scrumptious pocket filled with beef, otherwise known as a samoosa and this was served with a side of masala slap chips. Their portions are very generous and packed with loads of flavour.

I  will definitely be going back to The Black Indian very soon. After all, it is the hottest place to eat in Maboneng, literally.

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