Threading gender hierarchies in society through art

Thread(ed): Interlacing womxn in the 21st century runs from 12 August to 4 September 2021.

By CityLife Arts Writer

This exhibition aptly titled Thread(ed) Interlacing womxn in the 21st century, and organised to coincside with Women’s Month commemorations, and curated by Adéle Adendorff and Georgina Glass, explores womxn through the work of local artists, either engaging directly with thread, fibre or textile as a medium of expression, or indirectly by referring to the connotations brought forth by the ideas associated with the exhibition title. 

Loaded with gender connotations and power hierarchies, fibre-based handicrafts such as crochet, embroidery, knitting, macramé, quilting, sewing, or other media referencing ideas and associations to threads provide a fitting platform to examine the roles and representations within and around womxn in our society.

Artists and the public are invited to contribute to make a digital quilt to expand on the ideas put forward in this show. The exhibition forms part of Adéle Adendorff’s post-doctoral research project in Digital Culture and Media and aligns with Georgina Glass’s research for her master’s degree.

The exhibition will be opened by Adendorff on Saturday 14 August 2021 at 11h00 and a walkabout will be held on Saturday 28 August 2021 at 11h00 by the two curators.

Participating artists are as follows: Lein Smuts, Marlise Keith, Hannalie Taute, Danelle Janse van Rensburg, Georgina Glass, Stefanie Langenhoven, Ilene Bothma, Maaike Bakker, Frikkie Eksteen, Tilly de Harde, Dalene Meyer, Magdel van Rooyen, Colette Pitout, Jessica Merle, Adéle Potgieter, Tarien Engelbrecht, Octavia Roodt, Isabel de Villiers, Carla Crafford, Shenaz Mahomed, Sandra Hanekom, Nadine Hansen, Marié Stander, Michele Davidson, Jenna Snyman, Celia De Villiers, Mandy Shindler, Natalie Downing, Andrea Rolfes, Thelma van Rensburg, Lisa Nettelton, Ilse Boot, Magda van der Vloed, Miro van der Vloed, Rosa Roux Jordan, Lize Ford, Manuela Holzer & Ronel de Jager.

.Thread(ed): Interlacing womxn in the 21st century runs from 12 August to 4 September 2021 at the Association of Arts Pretoria, Association of Arts Pretoria, 173 Mackie Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria.

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