Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama, a centre of top entertainment and soul food in Maboneng

Now that the country is in Level1, a new programme of entertainment has been unleashed at this place tucked on the Access City building, with  entertainer Nokwazi headlining the entertainment programme on Friday, March 5, 2021. Entrance is free.

By Edward Tsumele

Now that President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday, February, 28, 2021, announced that the country had emerged officially from the Second Wave of Corona Virus spread, and that  with immediate effect the country was taken back into Level 1, this has given businesses in general and entertainment businesses in particular an opportunity to operate with some level of flexibility. Entertainment businesses were the most hard hit by restrictions, especially when it came to the number of people allowed in a venue and the strict curfew rules that were put in place.

One such entertainment venue that has welcomed the relaxation of rules with enthusiasm is WaterMush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama, right in the heart of  Maboneng.

Braai Master Shakes Mpofu. Diners enjoying themselves.
DJ Mauza doing his thing. Picture By Skroef Skroef

“When we opened last year, we were affected immediately by the lockdowns, but because we are visionaries and resilient, as we needed to retain jobs, we kept on operating and managed to retain jobs even as our revenue was negatively affected and we had to continue paying rent..

Time to let it all hang out at Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama  in Maboneng. Pictures by Skroef Skroef

Now with the relaxed rules, we look forward to implementing the activations that have been  in the pipeline for some time now. In fact we are unleashing a fully packed entertainment programme at  Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama, the premium and ultimate entertainment venue in Maboneng, catering to diverse audiences with diverse tastes.

A lady enjoying her drink at Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama in Maboneng. Picture By Skroef Skroef
Owen Dube, owner of Water Mush Chillas  Lounge Shisanyama in Maboneng. Picture by Onke Memani

This place boasts a restaurant,  cocktail bar and  Shisanyama. We also invite those who want to host events such as birthday parties, corporate events and even baby showers to contact us, as this place is suitable for hosting quite a wide range of events, including even family outings to enjoy our soul food served by our 10 friendly waiters,” says owner local entrepreneur Owen Dube with pride.

At Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama, there are currently three exciting activations of entertainment and great food. Monday is Mogodu Monday, with patrons served sumptuous popular Mogodu dishes, Thursdays being reserved for Ladies Night, with great prizes on offer as well as free cocktails handed out  to lucky ladies during the event. Sundays are reserved for Sunday Sessions that see a DJ play laid back soul music that the people of Johannesburg are known to embrace on Sundays.

Waitress Nothando Thebe serving food

“When we opened only the restaurant and the Shisanyama were open. But  now we have a fully stocked bar that serves a wide range of beverages, from icy cold beer to a selection of cocktails. We have also employed more staff, as our establishment consists of six kitchen staff, a braai master Shakes Mpofu and 10 waiters  to meet our customers’ expectations of  good service from a top place like Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama,” says Dube in an interview with CITYLIFE/ARTS.

Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama, customers have a choice of three places to sit, an outside , covered chilling area, in the restaurant, at the bar or on the mezzanine floor upstairs, depending on one’s mood on the day.

Photographer Skroef Skroef

The following are the features that distinguish Water Mush Chillas Lounge Shisanyama from the rest in Maboneng in management’s own words:


We represent a vibrant rich cultural diversity Maboneng, a memorable atmosphere, and we present our patrons with an experience in Shisa Nyama style they will never forget.

We are located at Access City Building. No 5 Beacon Street, in Maboneng Precinct, Doornfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Watermush Chillas Lounge is a local Shisa Nyama establishment where customers will experience food and entertainment vibe that is unique to South Africa culture. It was started to provide a Shisa Nyama Restaurant where people could come and eat good South African food and have a cold beer as well as listen to good music and be entertained.



Watermush Chillas Lounge provides the best Shisa Nyama in Maboneng Precinct. The customers select their own meat and our Braai Masters take care of the rest. Our Premium Bar offers a great selection of Alcohol and Beverages of choice.


Watermush Chillas Lounge offers vibrant entertainment to its patrons. We have activation days from Thursday to Sundays. We have in-house screens and also offer live music performance, as well as different genres of music sessions.


We are situated in Maboneng Precinct that is rich in cultural diversity. We have established partnerships with the local Tour Guides and Companies to allow the tourists to come and enjoy our South African Shisa Nyama Cuisine.

Watermush Chillas Lounge is a perfect venue for your corporate events, team building, birth day parties, baby showers and family outings, as well as acting as a platform to host artistic performances like Comedy Shows, Poetry, Live Music Performance and other Cultural Events.

OUR CONTACT:                          

Access City, No 5 Beacon Street,
Unit G2, Maboneng Precinct,
Doornfontein, Johannesburg,
South Africa.
Tel: +27 064 9585653.

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