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He has done it all and is well told in a memoir

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He has done almost everything in life and he has put all that experience in his memoir and it is well written and the readers approve of a life well lived and well told.
 For a man who loves the order and structure of institutions, Shaun ‘Fush’ Fuchs is hard to pigeonhole. A school rugby star, a soldier, a provincial powerlifter, a renowned waterpolo coach, a lifelong entrepreneur, a dynamic teacher, a beloved headmaster… and a gay man who came of age at a time when South African society was a lot more closed-minded than it is today.

In his memoir Fush, Shaun tells the story of a life dedicated to changing the lives of others. From his school days at Jeppe High School for Boys and his activism heading up the SRC of the South African Student Teachers Union, to his time as an army infantry officer and his memorable teaching career, Shaun has always had an irrepressible instinct to succeed and to lead no matter what happens, no matter the challenges. Because he has had to leap hurdles and overcome adversity almost every step of the way, Shaun has sought to leave the institutions he has been a part of as better, more diverse, more inclusive environments, where children feel safe and everyone has a space to be themselves.

Shaun Fuchs is a leading educationalist. He was the Headmaster of Crawford College Lonehill, before becoming GM of Crawford Schools and the Centurus Colleges Group, and then managing director of Reddam House Schools, Gauteng and KZN.

Readers have fallen in love of a life well lived and well told.

“Your book is so powerful! I found it to be accessible, straightforward and refreshingly honest. I say this because it comes across as an extension of yourself – and somehow I find myself back in your Grade 8 and 9 HSS classes, in Washington, NY and London on tour again and even walking around the school and sitting in the hall,” one reader wrote.

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